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CAt dribbling from mouth

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My wife and I got up this morning and noticed that our cat is dribbling excessive amounts of water from her mouth. It just keeps on coming out when shes lying down and it forms a big wet patch where ever she is lying. She seems to be drinking heaps of water as well.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong with her ? Looks like a trip to the Vet might be in order

Any help appreciated.
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Yep ..make that trip to the vet..then again it could be nothing..Margaret in my sig is soo messy when she sleeps, she drools a lot. But make sure your kitty is OK. I hope so and keep us updated
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Cheers for that, as you can well imagine we are quite concerned about her SHes sleeping at the moment and it still seems to be coming out.
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Back for another drink... Wife on the phone to the vet now
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How old is the kitty? and I am glad your talking to the vet
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The cat is nearly two years old and seems to be ok other than excessive dribbling i.e. she is still eating and sleeping. Vet is busy will try again soon
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I hope your kitty is fine and gets to see the vet soon!

My initial thoughs are that she could be experiencing gum pain/dental issues hence the dribbling and drinking to remove the taste! When Tibby had some peridontal disease, he dribbled slightly!

Good Luck and please let us know how the visit goes!
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drooling can also be a sign of poisoning and renal failure... Its especially worrisome that its just all of a sudden. Please keep us updated on what the vet says!!!
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any updates?
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I hope that by now the vet was able to see her and that she's OK..I forgot to mention thast ussually_unless it's bad_ you can't smell a slight periodontal disease but that and mouth ulcers will make her drool and if bad stink more than 'normal' tuna breath..
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Your kitty could have a fever. Chuckie drools when he's sick.

Hope everything goes ok at the vet.
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Any updates on Kitty?
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Sounds like a dental problem to me. I work in a dental office and increased saliva is the bodies way to help heal. Have your babies teeth and gums checked.
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Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in replying. We eventually got in touch with the Vet who advised that we should wait 24 hours to see if it keeps up. So we waited and got up in the morning and I happy to report that Skiwarnis is back to nomal. Much happiness in the house Thanks for your support.

New Zealand is a quality place to have cats

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I am glad your cat is doing better. I would keep a close eye on her though. Drooling is a sign of renal failure and poisoning in cats. We lost our 12 year old tuxedo cat last July to kidney failure. The first symptom was drooling like you described in your cat. Sorry, I am not trying to scare you. Having lost my cat probably makes me over cautious. I don't believe in waiting 24 hrs. when a cat shows any odd symptoms. Hope it all continues well for the cat.
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my cat the one that decided to go nutso on us lol drools alot when we are petting him and hes purring kind of gross he used to suck on us even would leave little hickies but grew out of that and now just drools all over me kind of gross it like just drops out and gets me all wet lol good thing i love him lol
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I'm glad kitty seems to be better
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