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peeing AGAIN

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Since i caught Icis, i have THROUGHLY cleaned and and cleaned all the places that she peed before she got out. she has been good, but this morning i went to get my clothes for the day, and she had peed in my bra!! that was one of her fave things to do before. she hasent peed anywhere else, but on my clothes again. is there ANYTHING i can do? she isnt even in heat!
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Icis is a cutie Love cats with aviator hats (van type like Gerard in my sig)
I just came back to the forums so I don't know abt her background; you had her confined and then release in your house? How old is she?
Is she spayed?
Has a vet seen her recently? It does sound like she is used to do that but you have to make sure she's OK because cats with UTI are bound to pee anywhere
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Peeing on soft things is generally a stress reaction. How do you react to her when she pees on your clothes? That makes a difference. She is doing this to tell you something, it is up to you to figure out what is stressing her out, and keep in mind, her stress factor could even be you. She should be seen by a vet just to rule out an infection, low-grade or otherwise. Also check out this product and see if it will help you

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i never catch her doing it, but its ALWAYS after i see her running out of my bathroom. i know she did it because she was in my bathroom, and Prue was with me. I cant react, cause i can never catch her,lol. she is always loving and sweet with me, cept for when i put her on the floor during the night. she will usually sleep on my feet, but for some reason when dawn hits,she tries to sleep on my hip or chest, and i cant take it, so i put her on my feet, or down on the floor. she gets mad and storms out alot, or if she is really tired, she will jsut go back to sleep.

she was checked out when she first started peeing, and there was no reason, according to the vet.
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Maybe she is throwing a fit like a toddler would. Toddler throws toys the cat pees
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lmao, just what i need! now i know why i dont have kids yet,lol
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I love my 3 boys bur sometime LOL.......
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The vet was pretty ignorant to say there is no reason, maybe the reason isn't a health concern but there is always a reason. Spaying her will help, maybe some of what she is doing is spraying too.
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