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FORL - Tooth Extraction - should swelling have reduced?

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Greetings one and all,

11 days ago, one of my babies, Pumpkin, had one tooth extracted due to FORL (Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions). Basically, Pumpkin (who is almost 7) was given to us by a family member. Just over two weeks ago, we decided to take her to the vet for the 'once over', since her former family had never taken her since she was spayed. The vet took one look in her mouth and diagnosed FORL right away. Needless to say, surgery was booked and one bad tooth came out.

I am curious about the recovery. We just finished the antibiotics yesterday. I am thinking that her gums are still very swollen in the area. If anyone has any experience with their cats having tooth extractions, I would appreciate some input. Should the swelling have reduced by now? Is she still in pain? She is acting like her normal self, more or less. I am just concerned about the swelling (though I could just be over-reacting)

Pumpkin has a follow up appointment with the vet tomorrow (because I was concerned about swelling I called and ask if they would take a look), but I just thought I'd ask around to anyone who have gone through similar things with their kitties. I'm hoping there is no infection and she is healing well. Not sure how long it takes to heal.

Thanks for reading.
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You're doing the right thing taking Pumpkin back in to the vet for another look. Usually after an extraction, the vet will want to do a follow-up visit (at least mine does, for no charge) to make sure all is healing well.

It's possible for there to still be a little swelling, but since you've finished a course of antibiotics, that means Pumpkin had her dental 2 weeks ago. At this point, there really shouldn't be significant swelling anymore.

I'm hoping that despite this, Pumpkin isn't having pain but it can be difficult sometimes to tell. Was she on pain meds (I hope) after the extraction? If you think she may be painful, request pain meds for her til the swelling is resolved. Two of my cats had dentals with extractions due to FORL recently, and both were given pain meds (Buprenex) for several days after the procedure.

You're a very conscientious mom and you're taking good care of Pumpkin - no over-reacting that I can see!!!
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My MissyKitty had to have ALL her teeth, finally removed for the calcium resorption problem. The Vet told me (and I had 2 second opinions on this) that they DO have pain--and often, for quite awhile afterward. I did have pain meds for Missy and used them for 2 weeks, for a single extraction. When she had a bunch of them all removed, finally, we had her on pain meds for two months, as the Vet found a jaw infection at that time, too.... I was NOT sorry I had her on the pain meds for that length of time, as I couldn't STAND to think she was in acute nerve-type pain! I think you are a very kind kitty Mommy! --And I hope your kitty heals very soon!
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Thank you for your responses.

Pumpkin was not on pain meds after the extraction, though he did tell us if she appeared to be in pain, to bring her in for another shot. He thought she might be in pain because it was such a prolonged extraction (2 doctors - The first gave up on the tooth, second one finished the extraction, took them over an hour). She came around very well, was eating, was sleeping with us, like her normal self almost right away.

I guess today will tell.... hoping everything is healing OK!

Thanks so much
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