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Suggestions needed!!

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Hi guys.... Im in desperate need of suggestions here!! Next month is our Anniversary, and I have NO idea what to get my hubby!! Last year I got him a "racing day" on a big F1 track here, but this year - what with the house move and all, I don't have an awful lot of money to spend..... I don't want to get him anything cheesey you know, but I can't spend LOADS.....he's not a sports fan, but he does like cars. I can't really take him out anywhere as I don't drive (so he'd have to drive!! oooo fun..) HELP!!! Anyone??
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That's a tough one...I'm in the same boat only it's hubby's birthday.

You could give him a book of "coupons" so you can spread it out over the year. Things from no cost like 1 Back Massage, Your Favorite Dinner, etc. (as erotic, er.. I mean exotic as you want ) to things with more of a price tag like 1 Weekend Activity of Your Choice, Dinner and a Movie, etc.
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I made reservations at a fancy inn.....Then I had a balloon bouquet delivered to mike, but I had the gal take the inn key and put it inside one of the balloons. The instructions were for him to pop the balloon to find his "surprise." LOL We had a wonderful three days away from everything after that. Then it was back to the routine of Life.
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Hi it's Emma

My fella is also a car fantic and I will tell you what I did for him that got into unbelievable good books.....

Remote controled car..... Sounds silly but he will love it, either a fancy car model or an off road vehicle, he and his mates will play for hours...

Just don't let him chase the cats round the house with it... from experience i know they don't appreciate it much
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Hmmm good suggestions here ladies!! Thanks!! (keep 'em coming!!!!) I like all those ideas...... great now you've confused me!!! (Im a "simple" person you know... one thing at a time!! :LOL: :LOL: )
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OMG!! Emma!! I didn't see your post befopre I replied there - I remeber him saying ages ago that he wanted a remote control car!!! Good idea!!! I'll have to check out how much they are...... ooooo..... thanks!! (Hmmm but then again, if I get him one of those, I probably won't see him for about 3 weeks... hahaha)
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I bought a subaru impreza car.. (if you know then that's good)for just £20. But they can get expensive.. and remember about the cats
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Oooo yeah, hubby loves those cars....and don't worry, I'll make him sign a declaration of "Kitty/Toy car safty" before he gets it... :LOL:

(More suggestions welcome too.... always up for more ideas!!)
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David is a car fanatic as well. He would love anything car related and I think the remote control car is an excellent idea!! They aren't usually all that expensive, and since you don't have kids he won't have to "share"!!!!!!!!!
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Rhea! I buy my husband model cars all the time! He likes the Nascar Race cars, but I buy him historic models too, like Ford Thunderbirds, and other classics. My two little boys, both of whom are 6'4'', received remote control cars from Mommy, and love them. But I so envy the race day you gave. I want that for my husband and the nearest one I know of is in Delaware, which is 300 miles away.
But!!!!I will provide your husband's present. Since we are such friends, my husband, who is an expert on British and Swedish cars, will provide a free tune-up for him. All he has to do is bring his car to our house some weekend. (at his own expense, of course)
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P.S. Rhea, did you see that Emma is from your home town?
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The remote control car sounds like a neat idea! My hubby likes tools...drills, saws, etc...but he is into all that stuff.
Hope you have a great anniversary!
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Thanks guys!!! I think the car idea is great!! .... Bu umm... Jeanie...... thanks for your kind offer...... but Im.... um.... well, afraid we shan't be able to make it......:LOL: - and yes, I did notice that Emma is from my hometown - I've already bombarded her with messages!! :LOL:

And Debby, you gave me another good idea, hubby is a "tool" man too, so maybe, if the car isn't very expensive, I'll get hime some new toys... ooops, I mean, Tools aswell!
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My Bill is a former professional race driver and, still follows the sport. Last Christmas, I bought a bunch of chocolate race cars and put them in his stocking. Valentine's Day, that same company made large, hollow ones and I gave one to Bill. The foil wrappers are copies of actual NASCAR cars. I got them at Walgreen's (of course). We carry the little ones, year-round.
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Hmmmm....anniversary present. Rhea, I don't really have any ideas...thats why I went to you for ideas for Mika's birthday in January. lol The remote controlled car sounds like a really good idea. I can just picture Sam playing all day long with one of those. I'm sure he will like anything that you get him. Maybe you two can spend a weekend at a hotel or something. (That way you get in on it too and get to relax as well). The coupon book is always a good idea. I did that for Mika's b-day one year and he really liked it. Let us know what you finally decide on.
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Hmmmmph! Don't say I didn't offer!
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