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How do I get feral Mom into cage?

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Okay - so Zazou is coming up on spay time - (kits are 4wks next Monday).
And... she's running loose in the basement room - the kits stay in their
carrier, but are exploring out.

How do I catch Zazou and get her back into the vet? I do NOT think
she'll go in a trap/carrier voluntarily, and I don't know how to set it up so she gets in the large kennel cage while the kittens are NOT in it...(practically impossible).

Ideas for trapping Za so I can transport to the vet? Please tell me how others have done this when the Mom is roaming a room, but otherwise
not confined into a cage??

I may try netting in desperation, but...

anyway... suggestions from experts are welcomed.

(Oh, and she's NOT caged because she was so stressed out last
time we took to vet, before she gave birth...)
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I have always used cages for feral/strays to TNR/vet. If you don't want to use a cage, try putting food...smelly food (like tuna) into a large carrier. Without using a cage w/release door, you are going to have to be quick in shutting the carrier door and also recovery time after spay can't be spent in a small carrier.
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Leesali - I've got a large kennel cage for recovery and transport to
the colony for re-release. Just don't know how I can get her to go in
it! I will try the trap w/ food first, but am not sure she'll do it -
since first time in trap = vet visit, 2nd time in trap = baited by
new borns and put into large dog kennel for a week or so with
newborns...till I "allowed" her to move babies to the large vet / pet carrier
for her "new" den...

So she KNOWS about traps and might not go in and/or be
very reluctant. I suppose in worst case scenario, I can put
her and kits into the large dog kennel and transport ALL of them
to the vets, allowing them to tranq her and remove her, BUT
am not sure I want to do this. Would prefer to be able to
keep kits at home and away from vets for now...

Netting is my last resort/option. Za really really is scared of me.
After all I've done for her, she can't see her way to trusting
me poor thing. It is truely SAD.
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How about setting the trap up in the basement, but block the door open. Then place yummy treats near and in the trap. As she gets closer, and even sees the kittens going in and not getting caught...maybe you will be able to trap her.

Just a thought...I've never been in your position, but I've heard of doing this with outside ferals. Don't forget the KFC!
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From Alley Cat Allies:

"Put the kittens in a closed trap or a small cat carrier. Set the trap exactly where you found the kittens. Place another trap directly in front of the carrier, like a train. Cover both traps with a sheet EXCEPT for the trap door of the empty trap. The mother will hear and/or smell her kittens and, looking through the door of the set trap, see her kittens at the end of the "tunnel" in the other trap. Thinking she can get to her kittens this way, she may enter and spring the set trap. If the kittens make no noise, place a tape recording of kittens mewing in the trap with them."
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