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First kitten out

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Kitty has one Kitten out! it looks brown. i'll update later. woo hoo!
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ah congrats!!! Hope all goes well with the rest!
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Congrats, good luck with the rest
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Yeah, I knew it would be soon!
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Congrats on the kitty!! I am playing the waiting game myself!!

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she has 2 out right now. we're wating on number 3. all is going well. she's resting now between kittens. i'm going camera crazy so when i get the pictures developed i will post them.
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Awwwww!!! Can't wait to see them!!! Will keep you and Momma cat in my prayers and thoughts!
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over 3 hours is there more. I am pacing hehehe
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Good Luck!!!! Keep us posted
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aww... i feel jipped! i thought there was more than 2. oh well. they are loke complete opposites. one is a red head and one is grey. i'll probably post pics later. BTW is it normal for them both to be fighting over the same nipple? they wont go to any other nipple and they keep claeing the crap out of each other!
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oops! i ment to say "clawed" not clead or whatever i typed. lol.
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Kids will be kids
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Congradulations! I hope all goes well.
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congradulations on your new babies!!!
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Oh two is'll see when they start to run around The fact that they look different is neat. They will probably have different personalities too. I can't wait to see pictures.
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yeah. two is great becuase i was ganna take one and my sister was ganna take one so we dont have to find homes! i've got the pictures developed but now i have to get my mom to help me get them on the thing. lol. i'm not a computer person. BTW is it OK if Kitty leaves them by themselves for a while? She's been out of the cage for about 2 hours or so and they've been sleeping. when kitty leaves i put a rice sock under their blankets. is that ok?
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She should go back to them I hope soon Yes I want to see pictures
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