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dry skin sores

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I have noticed recently that our cat Figaro has dry skin and it seems that he scratches till he gets tiny "scabs". They are not in the same place - they've been around the base of his tale, back and now on either side of his neck and chest. I brush him daily and he's an indoor cat. Any suggestion? The vet said bathing him or putting something on his coat may aggravate the problem. He does enjoy being brushed - he is a longhair tuxedo kitty.

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Christine; Just in case it is more than dry skin that is bothering Figaro; wash his litter box, combs, brushes,you use on him and any bedding or rugs he favors with a disinfectant (mild) or weak colorox solution. This will help if it is any type of bacteria or ring-worm type herpes. Next apply Neosporin ointment (lightly) and work into the dry skin; try to hold him for awhile afterwards to discourage licking the ointment off. It will absorb and help with the dryness but it is also an aid in stopping bacterial spread. Do not overbathe him as that only adds to the dry skin. Let me know how your (Barber of Saville) aka Figaro is doing.
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You know, I have seen so many cases of this in the last few months!! I would take Figaro to the vet. It sounds to me like he may have a food allergy.
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over the last month or so my cat has developed scabs on the end of her back beginning of the tail. it started on her neck, then the ones on the neck cleared up. my cat is white so i was told it had dry skin and itched all the time anyways. so when the ones on the neck cleared up i found new ones on her tell. i try to look at them but evidently they bother her bc she runs off or meows and trys to get away. does anyone have any advice.
thanks amber
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Could he have fleas?
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I would DEFINITELY take him in to the vet... this happened to my dog and the vet gave us spray for a temorary fix and after testing found she has a thyroid problem that was contributing to the skin stuff... it got really nasty until we got her thyroid under control - so I'm not saying it's necessarily the same thing, but it could ne something more than topical goin on with your kitty....
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If you bathe I would use medicated shampoo and only bathe once every other week. This has done wonders for me on 2 different skin cases.
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