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Help! I beg you!

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My Pug Mr. Fu has chosen the corner of the rug (dry clean only) in our living room to be his new toilet. I actually rubbed it a few times with normal water and stain remover but the smell is still there and he keeps going to it!! I can't keep taking the thing to the dry cleaners every day

What should I do?

Btw, nothing happened to the rug after the cleaning with water. No color fading or anything.
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You probably need to clean it with an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of any traces of the urine. I would also let the rug "air out" for a while. Put it up if you can. You might also want to take Mr. Fu to the vet to rule out any urinary track problems-- their symptoms can be innappropriate (sp) peeing. Good luck
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I agree, make sure the inappropriate unrination is not a symptom of another illness.

There are mats you can buy at any pet store that help with housebreaking dogs. They look like the same material as a diaper, but they are in large squares that you put in the places being soiled. Actually, I'm not positive how it works. I know of someone who has good experience using this method.
As for the already soiled rug: I've used vinegar, but then there's the vinegar smell to deal with. Try rubbing alcohol-- but then I'm not sure about what color damage might happen to your rug. Water isn't enough, because it doesn't break the urine or touch the smell that is now on the rug. There are many pet cleanrs that work well, too. I use SpotShot, and have found it very reliable.
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The zero odor works great at taking the smell out.I used a blacklight and there is no trace.
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I'd definitly take him to the vet first. Then I'd remove the rug for a few weeks and let it air.
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The vet said he was fine just maybe a little hyper... Pugs need patience when training...
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how's Pugs doing?
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Has there been any more accidents. Did the rug survive.
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first off your dog should be checked out by a vet to rule out any medical conditions which may be leading to that behavior. Second off, a dog's sense of smell is much more stronger than that of a humans...so to the humans nose , the odor may be gone, but if the dog can still smell it, he's going to keep going there. So use a good cleaner like "Natures Miracle" (petco, petsmart, superpets) that removes traces of the left behind enzymes. Also, has your dog been altared, because if it hasn't, that could lead to territoral marking. I hope this helps.
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