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Skin issues

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My cat, Myha, is a rescue who has always some sort of auto-immune disorder the vets could never really figure out, where the skin around her lips would swell up (like she had a fat lip).
Now I've found a bumpy scab on her side. I though that she had gotten into a skirmish with my roommate's cat (they're not the best of friends), but now, a few days later, the bumpy, scabbiness seems to have grown from an inch round to 3"x1.5". I haven't noticed her scratching it, and it's not swollen.
Anyone have any ideas what it might be?
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I would highly recommend a feline specialist... it is a vet who only deals with cats.. or finding a vet that specializes in allegies and immunology
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The "rodent ulcers" on her lips are one type of eosinophilic granuloma complex, and the sore might very well be another manifestation of it. Generally, treatment is with steroids. You'll find information about EGC here:
I urge you to get the sore checked out by a vet ASAP.
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