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weaning time?

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Kittens are 21 days - is now the time to start on solids? Or shall I give it another week or so?

From reading the threads on kitten food, wet kitten food mixed with water is the way to go at first, right? Do they start eating it by themselves straightaway or does it take time for them to get used to it?
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I usually wait a few days longer, but not many. I offer Hills A/D canned food to both Momma and babies, and I either make it into more mush by using KMR, or warm water. If using powder KMR, make sure to use the correct amount of water for the amount of KMR used, or constipation could occur.
Some kittens take to eat solids, very quickly, and some take a few weeks, it is on an individual basis. You just keep trying and they will eventually accept it. I find they begin eating the kibble around 7-8 weeks old, but I have had one who didn't want to leave the wet food and go to dry until over 10 weeks old.
It is really funny at first, as they will lay down in the warm mush, and they may groom a little off, but Momma does a really good job making sure all of them are cleaned back up.
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if they do not eat the food right away give it time.
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My 5 week old bottle baby just started eating mushy food, with broken bits of CS kitten food in it yesterday- two days ago, wouldn't look at it. I think I would give it sometime, yet. The AD did finally get her interest, I think. Worked with the previous BBs. Just be careful about giving too much- might cause diarrhea-been there, done that .
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Hi Minxie, Big Love form my Tinks to yours
I was just starting to think about weaning too, my babies have grown soo big soo quickly.How are your doing??
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Put the food out now, a lot may not get eaten, most will end up on them most likely. Canned kitten food, or dry mixed with warm warm or kmr works well. I like to give both so they get used to eating both. Your choice.

Mom should do most of the work from that point on. She'll start to push the kittens away when she and they are ready, and wont' let them nurse as much. You jmight even see her get mad at them. That's how she gets them weaned. She'll start letting them nurse less and less.

You really won't have to do much more unless she isn't weaning them by about 6 weeks or so. Then you can start to separate Mom and the kittens for meals and try to get them to get the food by themselvves.

Put out the food 3 times a day.
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Thanks guys for your replies - I think weaning time is near...mum seems fed up of feeding them all the time!
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Poor thing let us know how it goes.
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