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A summer dillema....

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Oh i do hope that you can help me...

I have two 8 month old female kittens, i would like to start walking them, however i have a few questions so that i am not making a mistake.

1. If i begin walking my cats at this age will they expect regular walks even in winter?
2. I pulled this off a web site...
— Try A Kitty Tie-Out: Even if you don't have a fence, your cat can chase bugs, nibble grass and enjoy the fresh air if he's outfitted with a harness or Walking Jacket attached to strong, lightweight rope. Do not leave your cat unattended. Remember, he will be unable to defend himself, and the rope could become tangled in trees or shrubs.

If this is okay will it be alright to take them to a secluded part of the new forest and do the same...

3. How long can cats be out for (in relation to the above q.) i would obviously take water, would they need anything else?

4. If i was to construct a pen for the cats would they be happy to go come out with me to the forest?

Please let me know if you think i would need anymore advice... These are my first cats and i do love them very much....

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Hey there Emma!!! When I saw your post I just had to reply!! I lived in Southampton my whole life up untill almost two years ago when I got married and moved to Leicester! - Where abouts in Southampton are you?? (I was also born in '82)

As for taking the kitties out, I would say, if you are planning to take them to the New Forest, be careful with all the other animals out there, alot of people take their dogs which might stress the kitties out, and there are all the horses etc that are roaming around.
If you begin walking them, I expect they will get used to it, though it depends on the actual cats as to whether they will start to expect the walks, but they will expect to go outside one way or another after a while....
Using a kitty harness is a good idea as it lets them experience the outdoors and keeps them out of danger, but do remember, don't tie them up to a fence or anything while you go somewhere else - they may tangle themsleves up trying to climb fences etc etc etc.
Although cats do need excersise, they would probably be quite content with a half hour outting, then, if they are anything like mine, (ie, lazy!!) they'll be ready to fall straight to sleep!! :LOL:

Let us know how it goes if you do decide to take them out - I would also recommend giving them a couple of practise runs in the garden first.
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There was a discussion similiar to this a few months ago. Here is the thread for that post. Also, I have heard bad things about the Kitty Tie-Outs, one poor cat almost strangled while the owner was trying to figure out what to do. Is there a way you can build a cat enclosure outside instead?

Harness training
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I live in a flat that is 3 storeys up and i'm concerned that they will jump if i don't start to take them out...

I spend a lot of my summer in fields all over the country and just want to alow my kittens to frolic in the sun.

However i do want them to be indoor cats, the big wide world is just too dangerous(plus i live in a town)

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