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Help! Im At My Wits End!

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Im a newbie to your wonderful site (thanks for having me!) and I need your help and expertise.

My baby, "Pretty" is pregnant right now. Usually when I call her she comes a runnin, evidenced by the bell around her neck. Well for the last TWO days I have called her and not heard the bell. I havent seen her in two days...

Im worried; I keep tellin myself that she is just gone off to have her kittens (even tho I wanted her to have them at home).

I have looked at every suspicious lump in and around the road, and the cul de sac. (hoping I dont find her and I havent)

What should I do? Am I worrying for nothing?
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I'll move this to the Pregnant cats and kittens forum.

I hope she turns up soon though
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you must be worried sick. have you double checked all the cupboards / drawers etc in the house just in case? Looked in any outbuildings and asked your neighbours to do the same? Maybe you could put some posters up on the street asking people to keep an eye out for her.
Hope she turns up soon.
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I am sending get home safe vibes... When she comes home confine her.
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gosh you poor thing no wonder your so worried.

here is a good link with advise on how to find lost pets

sending lots and lots of ((((come home)))) vibes your way from across the ocean
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Awww! You poor thing! Try to relax and hope for the best. My outdoor cat(who was a stray I took in) has had 3 litters of kitties and she goes off for a couple days at a time...and 2 out of 3 times, the kitties still turned up in my backyard a week or so later...so just try and relax, and just ask around. She'll turn up.

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When she does turn up and she is still pregnant, please bring her inside. Her and the kittens are at great risk outside.

www.lost-pets.org will help you formulate a plan to find your cat
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Be sure to check the unexpected places, too-think like a cat . One of my cats was born in the drop ceiling of her mom's owner's basement- they like to never found her! Listening for the kitten squalling was the only way!
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Good lord that was a weird spot.
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And, fittingly, she has grown up to be a weird cat ! Oops! Gotta go! Gretta squalls for her midnight feeding !

PS-that's her (longhaired calico) on the far right of the first picture
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Mommy she is hungry got of the puter
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She squalls, Momma jumps -especially at midnight-boy, does she have a set of lungs ! When I took her to the vet at 3 wks, the vet asked me if she was in pain, or squalled that loud all the time ! I said that was her normal "This is not what I want" noise, not "Help" or "Ow!".
Had a bite on the sticky note board at my vet's. Please say prayers, I'm not sure about this person yet-am going to call about vet reference Mon. She has 4 dogs (one small dog in) and Gretta will be an inside/outside cat when grown, indoor until she's grown (said this specifically) which I am fine with, all of mine are indoor/outdoor (in at night if at all possible ), but I'm just not sure. It is for her 10 yr old daughter-their last cat disapeared (I had one disapear once, so can't really fault them for that, and at least she told me). I guess the vet can tell me what they think. They know how I feel about my cats and how cautious I am. She won't be ready for at least 2 weeks, anyways-I guess I'll just pray that if this isn't the person, they will decide to get different one before then or will decide that Gretta isn't for them .

That is what my 2 year old says !
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