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After spay neuter question and re: collars ...

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They brought Little Guy and Rocky Rockette home today after being s/n, and honestly, I'm concerned about Little Guy.

As I posted a week or so ago, he had unusually large testicles, and the way he was cut left him looking a bit strange, like he only has one. Is that normal?

My other concern is that he's bleeding, not just a drop, and to me (after he licks it, there's another drop of blood fairly soon afterwards). it looks like the whole incision wasn't completely sewn up, but I could be just overly nervous, since I've never seen a male neutered that had that large a place to neuter. lol Also, he seems to be in a lot of pain sitting, in a way I've never seen another male have problems, and again, that might just be because he has so much "outside' his body. Fuzz had been no problem at all from the moment he came home.

Or he could have done that by licking, and the dumb vet forgot to give them the collar and I can't get it until Saturday, but I can't get him to stop licking, even distracting isn't working like it is with Rocky. He seems a lot more uncomfortable than I expected. Both Fuzz and Tarzan were perfectly fine from the moment they returned home. This being more on the outside probably has a lot to do with it, but since I haven't seen it, I'm not sure how to judge.

Is there anything anyone can suggest I can use as a temporary collar, or another way to keep him from licking, at least until I can call the vet or rescue tomorrow and see what can be arranged for tomorrow?
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Many times when the neuter a cat they don't even give him stitches. Does it look like they did?
After Zissou's spay they said an e-collar was totally unnecessary unless she was obsessively licking herself, which she didn't really do. Someone suggested to me that I could make one out of a paper plate somehow...
I tried putting bandage over her incision, but I can tell you that didn't last long!
Hopefully you've figured something out?
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Thanks for responding.

No, actually, it looks like they didn't do stitches on him, I guess why it looked open to me. It was most likely the fact his shows more than the other male cats I've had did. He's not licking as much today and I'm not as worried. I'll keep a close watch, but I think he's okay.

They said something about making almost a bib with fabric, which I tried, but couldn't seem to figure it out.

Rociky Rockette (do I feel like a dunce getting that wrong lol) seems a lot better today too. She's licking more than I'd like, and she's very stubborn so is not easily distracted. But I also notice that her incision is extremely small, much smaller than most I've seen, and it doesn't seem to be red or raw. I think she'll heal fine too.

The vet said I could use a tiny bit of neosporin plus on the last foster I had that was spayed because I found that the plus took away the discomfort, soi she didn't lick. If I need to do with with her, I will, but I think that might not be needed. She's young and healing quickly.

Now if I could only get her to stop running around and rest! LOL

I keep telling her, "Now I have to get rid of all your cowboy toys and dress you in frilly dresses! I've scarred you for life!"

I'm so surprised that by 9 months old she never went into heat.
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