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Kitten teeth!!!

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At what age do kittenteeth start to emerge? My 16 day old kittens were wrestling last night and the male sank his gums into my finger and i thought i felt some little points appearing. Just curious really.
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Lucyloo - a big hi from my Tinkerbelle to yours!!! How's your Tinkerbelle enjoying motherhood? Mine's just loving it...except at feeding time she has become more like a fun climbing frame for the kittens than a milk factory!

In response to your question, one of my little kittens (21 days) started licking and sucking on my finger and boy could I feel his teeth! So it must be in between weeks 2-3 that they get their teeth?

Are you keeping all of your babies? And are you in Swindon UK or is there a Swindon in the US or other part of the world?
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I think it is around 3-4 weeks. I might be wrong. I have to read again. I noticed a lot of stuff is off a week in different literatures.
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