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New Kittens I'm excited!!

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My cat Missy just had 3 kittens and I can still feel one in her belly. I'm really excited because Missy is shy and timid and usually doesn't like to be pet or messed with too much. It's always on her terms and very few and far between. When she first started going into labor tonight I got her to follow me into the closet I set up with towels. She laid on her side and had me rub her belly. Every time I tried to take my hand away she pulled it back down with her paw. It was really sweet! I rubbed her belly for 2 hours before the first kitten finally came. She gave me a quick lesson on not touching her while she was pushing! She was MAD and scratched me pretty good when I tried to touch her! Poor thing was rolling around on the floor trying to get her mouth down to get to the kitten coming out. Luckily she didn't. It fell out while she was flopping around. As the 3rd kitten started coming out the other 2 were nursing and one wouldn't let go as she stood up to try to push so she BIT her to try to get her loose. I had to pry her teeth off of the poor baby. Poor Missy is soooo tired right now and I feel bad that she's gonna be going through it again any minute now. Poor girl. So far we've got a calico, a solid orange, and an orange and white one. I'm excited to see what this next one will look like. (Missy is orange and white and I saw the tom-he's black) Hopefully this next one will be the last one for her sake. She's letting me touch the kittens and pick them up to help them find a nipple but if I take one away she gets upset. I just can't believe she trusted me enough to be there with her while she was having them. That is definitely out of character for her. Maybe we are forming a new bond. That would be nice. We have 2 other cats also and Missy has bonded with my son while the other 2 have bonded with both myself and my other son. WEll, I'm off to watch for baby number 4. I was just so excited and had to share with someone! It's too late to call any of my friends. lol
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Yeah Babies I am so happy sending you prayers that the 4th is the last for poor missy and that they all are healthly and happy.Keep us posted.
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YAY! Best of luck!!! Hugs to you and your kitties!!!
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Well, I thought I felt another kitten in her belly, but I guess it wasn't. I fell asleep on the floor waiting for her to have it and when I woke up there were still only three. They look great and have very good lungs - very vocal! She's being a good mommy, doing everything she's supposed to do. She's got then cleaned up and is still working on getting herself clean too. She's still letting me touch them and move them around so that's a good sign. I had a cat years ago who hid the kittens from me every time I found them. That drove me nuts! I like being able to watch them and pet them.

Missy actually had another litter a few months ago...(I know...shame on me for not getting her fixed in time! She WILL be fixed in 4 weeks!) But we didn't even find the kittens until they were about 4-5 weeks old. Never even knew she was pregnant. Like I said before, she's very shy and timid and you don't see her very often. She had them inside our couch. The cats had torn a hole in the side by using it as a scratching post and seh went through there. Funny thing is, she had 3 last time too and they were the same colors as these. LOL The tortie is a female, of course, but I'm betting both of the orange ones are males again.

IF I could figure out how to post pics I would put them on here, but I have no idea how to do it using a URL!???!!!

Thanks for the prayers everyone!
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Hi Tina Marie and congrats! Good luck with the new kittens and cant wait to see pics!

Just thought I'd say that pregnancy and the birth of her kittens has made my cat Tinkerbelle extremely affectionate with me. Before it was so hard to even stroke her at times. Now she is a real lap cat.
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Here are their pictures......


Also, is it normal for momma's belly to still be big? That's why I thought there was still another one in there. Thanks!
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Is it hard. Does it feel like jelly
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Ok...I can't believe this....but I KNEW it felt like there was a fourth kitten in her belly!!!! It still felt like there was something in there but I never felt it move so I thought I was wrong. Sure enough, she delivered kitten number 4 sometime in the last hour or so. Came home from the store, went in to check on them and there's this single little kitten meowing loudly, momma not around. I'm figuring it's just Crash (kitten #2) getting lost again. Pick him up, he's wet and still has a little piece of placenta hanging from his fresh umbilical cord!!!! I noticed Momma was bleeding again this afternoon, but never having gone through this before, I just figured maybe she was bleeding like humans do after birth. Just didn't really think too much about it. So this one was delivered about 46 or so hours after she first went into labor! Well, at least she got a nice break before having to go through it again. LOL
I'm going to keep an eye on this one because momma wasn't with him when I came in and he doesn't seem to want to eat right now and the first 3 were right on her for the first few hours so I don't know if this is normal. He looks healthy, but I want to make sure. Any advice would be appreciated! (Another solid orange on, btw) Thanks!
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OH congadulations on your babies.
Tazzie had 4, and i didnt think she was done but for several hours nothing happened. I even staied up really late waiting, nothing happened, I went to bed, and by morning there was 7 kittens in the box. Sometimes they just want to be alone
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I noticed that has been happening alot on this board Con-grads on #4....
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