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New Cat owner with Pregnant Cat

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Hi Everyone, I have just found this site and need help, I was given a second hand Cat on Feb 7. I took her to the vet and found out she is pregnant with three kittens, She is Japanese Bob tail and I don't know what to do. She could give birth anytime from today on. Please send me any info or let me know how I will know and what to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ah I remember when I found this site a month ago it was like I struck gold all these people have been so much help. oh sorry back to your ? If you ask they will come or you can go to cat health in the right coner and ee what you can find also searh the treads alot of them have great liks about all most everything. and one more thing if you cat is a pure then maybe I am not sure she might need diffrent things so check the breeders fourm I hoped I help If you have any specific ?'s just ask and we will try to answer.
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I would try reading some of the stickies on here, they should give you a lot of info. Good luck, and please keep her in until the babies are weaned and she can be spayed. Oh, and pics are a must.
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Surf the TCS board it is great onfo and ask and questions you might have.
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The first thing to do is relax. Then, if she is due soon, make her up a nest with blankets, in a quiet room. A large dog crate works well, or a bathroom.
Once you have a nest ready, you can begin reading and then find out what questions you still have.
Did you get the JBT from a breeder? If so, he/she may be able to help, or may want to bring the cat to her home for the duration of pregnancy and delivery, and then when she is done weaning her kittens, the girl come back to you.
I wish you well, please keep us updated.
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Hi Everyone thanks for you kind words, I have read and started a massive research and my Cat is starting to leak some fluid and she has started labour. I will post pics soon. Please send me good energy for the mommy cat the soon to be new kittens.
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My thoughts are with you, the Momma cat, and of course the upcoming babies. What is your Momma's name? I look forward to pictures.
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Any update is every thing ok?sending good healthy kittens vibes your way please let us know
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I hope there is a update by morning. I love new babies.
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I just got a kick out of the way you called her a "secondhand Cat"! Like secondhand jeans... worn and comfortable! Heh.

Good luck with them babies! Post pics!
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just checkin in for an update let us now.

waitin and wonderin.
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I think a few are waiting.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for you positive vibes, I posted under Emergency C-Section, but to update everyone here, Angel (mommy) went into labour about midnight on Friday April 21st, there was no hard labour and she seemed to be doing fine, Sat morning their were no kittens, I phoned emerge and our regular vet, both said that she was fine, by Sunday morning their were still no cats and she was really pushing. I ended up taking her to the Animal emergency hospital where they determined her birth canal was to narrow for the kittens to pass, she had an emergency C-section and had four kittens in her tummy, but only two made it. We named those two Luna and Aoki. She came out of surgery wonderfully and the kits are super healthy and active! Thanks for all the help out there. I will post as soon as I have pics developed (digital camera is on the fritz) and of course no flash
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Glad she and the 2 are ok...
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