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Should I get a playmate?

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My Orion is almost a year old now. It's funny, I remember first posting when he was only 8 weeks and a little terror, and I had no idea how to take care of an animal.

So, anyways, we play with Orion a lot, but I sometimes get the impression that we just can't play the way another kitty could. It seems like he occasionally considers us boring, stupid bald monkeys. =)

He always gets so excited when he sees his mama coming over to eat (another story entirely..Bast is around again begging for food, so we think she just had *another* litter)...not agitated, or territorial, but excited, like he wants to be let out to play with her.

When he was littler, and some of his littermates were still around, he would do anything to be able to go out on his leash to be with them.

So, I wonder, do you think he'd like a little kitty brother or sister? He's a super playful cat, and loves to hunt us and play the bitey game. He's a neutered male, and in general, a really great and well behaved cat.

The thing is, we have a very open house, and no real way to isolate the two of them from each other initally. It would kind of have to be an all or nothing deal. The only room with a door is the bathroom, which is way too small to even accomodate a litter box, much less an entire kitten and accessories.

So, opinions please. =) We could wait and see another year or two until we get a bigger house, but maybe by then he won't be as well able to adjust to a playmate. I dunno.

Spring and Orion
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That the younger they are, the easier they adapt to *others.* Maybe they still remember being part of the litter, I don't know. But unless he is neutered, you want to get a male kitty if you want to get one right away, otherwise you may have more cats then you bargained for. I am a firm believer in having at least 2 cats because of the way they interact and learn from each other.
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