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go to this thread

It will help you also. She sounds close. The milk might not come in till after birth.
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Do you have pictures of her? She sounds lovely but such an unusual combo! I'd love to see her .
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We all love newborn pictures
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We definitely want to see baby pictures
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Ok she has "bags" that is what they feel like. One on each side of her at the bottom tward her back legs. They feel full. How do you check for milk?
I have looked at her "girly parts" and I see no signs of blood or anything like that. I think she has milk and if she does she has had it for the past 2 days. Is that normal? How soon should her labor start if she has had milk for 2 days? She is due tomorrow at the earliest and Sunday at the latest. She looks like she has gotten smaller but I think that is because she has "dropped" but I really don't know. I am in need of some advice!!
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I think you will be in the waiting game also. We can all look for signs of birth but in reality some just find a spot and have babies and we never saw it coming sorry am no help.
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I have heard from a lot of ppl that when there milk comes in they should have the kittens within 8-10 days. Thats only what i have been told. I do not know myself. I am in the waiting game too and this is the first time I have done this. Have you taken her temperature?
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I also heard the temp is inaccurate to.
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Oh ok, I havent been told its inaccurate before. Thats just what it says to do everywhere I look.
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I read the temp drops and they give birth in 48 hours but reading here I noticed a few take the temp and days later still no babies. I think it depends on what the usual temp is. Like if it was taken daily for 4 weeks then all of a sudden it drops then I feel that is a better test to delivery. Not the take it the day cat is due or a few days. I hope I made sense.
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that sounds like its probably right. I took Sponges temp yesterday and it said it was 97.7 and she hasnt had babies. I just went to check on her though and she looks a little swollen and she is licking constantly on herself. I dont know if that means anything or not. She is a little wet back there but I looked around where she was laying and nothing else is wet. So i am guessing that she is just wet back there from licking herself so much today. Lastnight my mom came out to check on her and as soon as she seen her and how she was acting she said she was pretty sure she was having contractions but with no babies yet I dont guess she was unless they are like humans and have contractions for days before they actually go into labor. Her breathing was also pretty fast lastnight and its fast again right now. I am starting to wonder if maybe the babies are laying some way that is just hurting her or something. I dont know.
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She might be leaking a bit and just cleaning herself up. A few on the board said there was some discharge before birth.
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That could answer why I am not seeing anything anywhere too. If she is just leaking a little bit she is probably cleaning it up before it gets on anything. You are gonna be exellent when it comes time for Skittles for give birth. You will do awesome I think!
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I am just online 24/7 reading this board LOL I have no life .
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You are not the only one that doesnt have a life, I dont either! LOL
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We are a perfect friends match then
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i dont have a life eather, i sit online most of the day, and let my terrors terrorize the house ( clean at night) Sigh.

Oh what fun!
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Its pointless to try to clean during the day. I thought today I would do some cleaning and i did but can you tell now that i cleaned? NO WAY! ugh, its endless!

Too bad we dont all live in the same place, we could all have no lives together every day! lol
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Originally Posted by silvermoonmyst
i dont have a life eather, i sit online most of the day, and let my terrors terrorize the house ( clean at night) Sigh.

Oh what fun!
Mine are at school so it is just me and my pets...
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School?? Must be nice! mine are ages 1, 3, and my stepson is 6. he is in school. my 3yr old goes to school twice a week for 2 1/2 hours a day. I always have my 1yr old to deal with and all my pets.
I have 3 dogs, and 2 cats. I am trying to talk my husband into letting me keep just ONE kitten but so far he doesnt think its a great idea. LOL He says we have enough animals. I think that since its her very first litter then we should keep one of them. He actually said we had enough animals on Saturday when we only had 2 dogs. I went and bought the third dog Sunday morning. LOL
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Well I just went to check on her and she was in my son's room. I went to pet her and she "pounced" at me like she did when she was a kitten! I have been giving her KMR for the past few days and it has really given her a boost she is running around the house and playing with toys and acting like a kitten it is so funny! She has been nesting in a few different spots I just let her roam the house and do whatever she wants to do. I think she just may have them in the middle of the floor! Maybe on my bed she loves laying on my bed. She really wants outside though. My mom said it is because she is getting close and she wants to let the daddy know that it is "time". My mom used to breed cats so I have been asking her alot of questions. She told me that I should bring the outside to her that I should bring in some grass and lay it either in or around her nesting box and some bark off the tree that she sharpens her nails on. I am going to go out in a little while and do that and see if that calms her down about the outside thing. Well I guess we are just playing the waiting game now!!! I will keep you all updated if anything happens and I will also post pictures when she has them! I am hoping it is very soon because I am getting little sleep!!
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Skittles has been acting like a kitten also. So cute
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This might sound gross however I need to know. When they start labor before they start leaking "mucus" or whatever do their "girly parts" open up? I hope someone understands what I am asking.
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It is my understanding it swells up...
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oh ok thanks
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It opens with the pushing as far as I know...
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Ok she looks as if she has some dried blood on her vagina. I went to pet her a few mins ago and she started breathing funny it sounded like she had a stuffy nose? She stopped once I stopped petting her?? Also her butt really smells bad I have tried to clean it but she doesn't want me back there she attacks me. Any suggestions????
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If her butt smells bad, that could be a sign that something is very wrong.

You really do need to seek the advise of a vet.

If you cannot afford it, first thing in the morning call a rescue group or no-kill shelter. They can perhaps help you, and will also help you get the kittens spay/neutered and put them up for adoption when they are ready. They can also help you with some advice. But you need to act quickly.

You can find no-kill shelters and rescue groups in your area by going to www.petfinder.com In the upper right hand corner you'll see a link to shelters and rescue groups. Click on that, and then click on groups for Tennessee. You should find someone to help you.

In the meantime, call an all-night emergency vet. A foul smell from the genitals can be a very bad sign.

Another note for later ... when she does deliver, please be very careful about taking pictures. Kittens eyes are not fully developed, and even though they are closed, the flash can do permanent damage.
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Any news yet?
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