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Pregnant Cat Help!!

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I have a cat she is persian/bengal and she is pregnant. Her last heat was in Feb. actually around the 23-28 give or take a few days. She is an outside cat most of the time however I am trying to keep her in the house because I am afraid that she will have them outside. I have done some research on the net about the signs of labor however most of it was not very helpful. I have put her in our guest bedroom and put her food/water and litter box in there. She also has a kitty cube in there that she used to sleep in. I am in need of some help determining the signs of labor and what will happen this is her first litter. I have had cats before but that was when I was younger and my mom always had to go and hunt them down. I am stressed out about this I am worried about her. She is being real lovey. She wants me to pet her all the time now. I see movement when I watch her belly. She is really uncomfortable she lays on her back all the time. I feel so sorry for her. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Basically it is a waiting game. Some cats act normal and give birth and hour later.
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Has she seen a vet? They may be able to give you more of an idea. Also, please do not let her get back outside before the babies are weaned and she is spayed. And do you have any pics of her?
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Here is a picture of my baby Moe!

No she has not been to the vet since she has been pregnant and I really can not afford to take her at this very moment. I will be having her spayed after the babies are weaned though.
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Moe is beautiful! Labor is different for every cat. My cat's belly dropped (hung really low) the last day of her pregnancy. She also had a discharge which made her clean her private area all day long. She waited until we all left the house and had 5 kittens in under an hour and a half. Good luck and keep us posted!
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ok I have another question. How do you know if she has milk? I have been looking her over and I noticed that her nipples at the bottom of her belly near her vagina the area around them are puffy but the ones near the top of her are still flat the nipples themselves have been pink and swollen since about 3 weeks however the area underneath the nipple has always been flat. I hope someone understands what I am asking. Also she ficks her tail alot what does that mean?

Thanks for all your help and support!!
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I really didn't notice any milk in any other than the last two...what do you call them-breasts? When she lays down all of the others look flat too and her kittens are 9 days old and FAT. Don't stress too much...nature is amazing and I'm sure they will be fine.
When she stands up they sure hang though. (I should talk, I breast fed 2 babies and that was bad enough).

I wonder if the tail twitching is because she is having contractions? Maybe just annoyed or wondering about all the movement in her belly. I know my cat twitches her tail when she is annoyed.
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Can you guys see my siggy? Sorry, I had to ask I made it bigger
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No we can't really see the sig, try making it a little bigger

For the original poster, would you like a list of low cost vet clinics in your area? Just tell us your city or zip code and we can help you look. If you are having a hard time paying for the spay for just momma cat, keep in mind that pretty soon you are going to have all the kitten vaccinations to worry about (3 rounds I believe) plus spaying and neutering all those kittens and the momma and her cat shots too especially since she is an outdoor cat, plus worming the kittens and momma and maybe flea medications for all too. That is going to be huge $$$ unless you try going to a low cost clinic.

Please keep them ALL indoors until spayed or neutered. The mother may actually be pregnant with multiple litters right now or be carrying babies from multiple toms depending on how many males she mated with. Be ready for emergency vet runs to in case she has troubles. The mother can get pregnant again very shortly after the birth and she needs to stay indoors with the kittens until the kittens are 10-12 weeks old. Plus the kittens can be fixed at 8 weeks so get on that as soon as you can too. They can become pregnant as young as 4-5 months.

Just keep all this in mind. Start saving up for all this responsibility you are going to be getting as soon as momma has the babies.

She is BEAUTIFUL by the way. Is she really part Persian? I never would have guessed, I do not see Persian in her at all.
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Thank you for all your replies and help. My zip code is 37037 and I live in Tennessee. Yes her mother is an exotic persian and her father was a bengal. I got her from a friend who owns both the mother and the father. I have a clinic that does low cost spay so that is not a problem. I just don't have $107 right now to have an x-ray done to tell me how many and the aprox gestation.
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o 107 for the whole thing or just the xray. She is pretty but looks so young.
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107 just for the visit/x-ray that doesn't include taxes. She turned a year old in March.

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She is petite sorry bad speller.
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Going by Feb 23 she should be due April 27. It could be anytime though.
I hope she is ok through all of it.... and I'm glad you will be getting her spayed.
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yeah she is a petite cat. Her belly is big however i don't think she will have more than 2 kittens. i am so excited i can't wait for her to have them. i cant wait to see the colors of them.
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You never know she could have more
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Ok I have had her inside for the past few days as I have stated before she is an outside cat. Well she is trying to get outside she is crying and going to every door and window looking for an escape. Any suggestions? a few weeks ago she came in for a while and instead of waking us up to let her back out she ripped a hole in our bedroom window and went out it and last week when she came in we closed all the windows except for the one in my sons room upstairs well she ripped a hole in it and went out it and it is on the 2nd floor. I have closed the doors and windows but she is pacing the house going from room to room and door to door trying to get out. HELP and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I bet she is in labor. Put her in the room with her nest and all necessities and leave her alone for a while. She may not fully understand what is happening and just wants to find a safe spot to have her babies. Since she is an indoor/outdoor cat, she probably feels she will have more privacy outside. Put her in a safe room and leave her alone for about an hour. Resist the urge to check on her, when she feels safe she will have them. I had a foster cat that behaved that way and as soon as we gave her some space and privacy she had her kittens. Yeah
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I think she might be too!!! I have let her roam the house and I just found her in my closet behind the clothes. She came out I hope she goes back in there if that is where she feels safe. I will keep everyone updated!!
Thanks so much for all your help!!
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yes please update us. When is she due. Can you feel the babies.
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She is due any day now I am assuming. yes I can feel the babies they move around all the time I don't think they ever sleep. I am very excited. I hope she is in labor and has them tonight. She is hiding in my closet.
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I am sure she will poop soon if not tonight. Just relax and she will also
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i guess you guys are all in the states but have been reading this thread as in same situation with one of my rescues and you guys have really helpeed im in uk good luck to your lovley cat
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She has not had them yet and she is really, really, trying to get outside. She kept me up all night trying to get out the glass and was climbing my curtains and sitting at the top of the window on the ledge. I am afraid she is going to hurt herself. What should I do???
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I would say just leave her alone for a while and make sure no one goes in the room. If it is possible to leave the house for a couple of hours, that might help. As soon as everyone was gone from my house, my cat gave birth. 5 kittens in an hour and a half. She was just waiting to be alone.
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Are we sure she is pregnant and not in heat?
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Do ya think she is is any sort of pain.....
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What kind of thermometer should I use to take her temp?
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a rectal one. My mom uses the baby rectal temp takers. They have paper on it for cleanliness.
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Ok she is due this week. I felt her belly and its like she has a crease down the middle and it feels like she may have milk it has been that way for about 2 days now. She has felt like she has had milk for a week now but just the past 2 days she has started to "CREASE"? I tried to take her temp last night but she was having NONE of that so I left her alone. How soon before labor do they get their milk? She goes in my closet and hides behind my husbands clothes. She has been sleeping FOREVER. She still wines to go outside but she is doing better with that she has calmed down a little bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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