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Persian Kittens

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Here are some more pictures of my persian kittens, They are getting big, I will be photographing them again tommorrow, These weren't very good ones. But here it goes anyway:

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oh I needed that they are sooooo cute
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Ditto that, I needed that too!!
I also want to add, " MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, and last but not least, MINE! I can't pick a favorite.
I think the pictures turned out great, but I will agree with you that they are awful, if that means you are going to post more tomorrow!!
They get cuter every time. I will be posting pictures of my fab four on Saturday or Sunday. They actually turn 4 weeks old on Thursday.
I can't wait to see more pictures of your Fab FIVE!!!
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Can you believe how old they are getting? It is going by so fast, I can't wait to see your 4 furrbabies, They are Beautiful, I loved the last pictures. I am going to post some single photos of each of them tommorrow. It's easier that way. lol Thanks again! Dawnde
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They are so cute. I love the calico one.
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Thanks momof3rugratz...I can't wait for Skittles to have her little ones...
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I have a feeling the father is the huge grey cat. He was a grey ball of hair and a smushed in face. Was so cute.
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Maybe he was a persian mix of some sort? My mentor had a kitten get away from her 6 years ago, it was a persian. And a male also got loose as well, She's been breeding 35 years & lost 2 not too bad. Anyhow she hasn't seen either except for this last week she seen the girl & seen she was pregnant & caught her, We'll she gave birth to a litter of very extreme show quality kittens, So the father had to be the persian male that got out. We were so surprised, No sign of dad yet though. It's almost unbelievable.
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They are soooo smoochable!! I will trade you one of my kittys for yours lol...they are precious!!
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