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My loving cat

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OMG she is so loving to me. She is all over me. So I figured I would rub her belly. I know she is at least 32 days but her nipples are really noticeable even to pet and her sides are bulging. Man is she purring. I do not think she stops and it is loud. Had to share.
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I was just checking the fourm looking for news on skittles
I must have espn so any news on how many or a due date?
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not sure how many but she is blooming. The vet said at least 25 days that was 9 days ago no clue the due date. I tried counting do you think May 19 sounds right.
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give or take a few days is this her first litter?
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Yep and last. She just seems to be blossoming so fast. I can feel her sides are full.
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Sweet Skittles, I can't wait to see her little babies. I wonder what flavors she'll have? lol
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Missy too first and last I found a vet and already pre set appt her babies are 2 weeks today When do they start walking ? its been along time for me. also they are starting to play like if you rub there bellies soft they will bat at you
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LOL I never thought of that LOL. We where naming them mars twix kit kat LOL
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I love the names, How cute! My kittens are walking now & they were born on the 4th of April, They are also kind of starting to play with eachother yet they are still wobbly & uncoordinated. lol But they just keep getting sweeter, I love it.
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dont forget Hersey if one is black
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They are like babies.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
They are like babies.
Dont think i'm dumb please but what does like babies mean
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Awwwwww....I hope Skittles does awesome! She is a BEAUTIFUL cat!!! How sweet...I love the name. Don't forget Snickers if there is a calico one. My cat's name is Snickers, and her first litter we named one kitty Reeses.

HUGS TO YOU AND SKITTLES!!!! I'll keep both of you in my prayers!!!
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like babies I mean we watch and observe the littens and we go nuts when there eyes open, then start to walk, first solid food, teeth. So kittens are like babies to us cat lovers.
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