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I go attacked!

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Tonight I got attacked at the humane society. By a lousy cat. She always been such a doll. We got a cat from a (bad) home. The owner had called the cops saying his cat attacked him. We think he was trying to kill her kittens. She's been at the HS for over a week now with no problems. She attacked the day care provider's leg yesterday. Tonight, as I was putting her away, she latched onto my face & ripped into me. She almost scratched my eyes. Here's what I look like.
(Happy me)

You can't see it, but I have some slight scratches over my eyes. My face really hurts & everyone was really worried about me. Honey(the cat that attacked me) is simply trying to protect her kittens. I cleaned my wounds with peroxide right away & again an hour later. I cleaned them when I got homee, too. I will clean them again(just to be entirely positve) before I go to bed.

All I have to say is--OUCH!!!
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Well a BIg thumbs up to you for working at the humane society and knowing that this could happen, and handling it so well. You rock.

Anyhow...yes..that does look like it hurts. Did it bleed long? I hope you're alright too. It doesnt look that bad, but it does look like a kitty got the best of you.
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I actually couldn't get it to stop bleeding. It took two of us holding paper towels & gauze against my face to make it stop. It took 5 mintues. By the time I left the room the cat was in, I had blood dripped on my shirt & the floor.

My little sister & I were in the room cleaning her cage(she's in the quiet laundry room). I bent to put her in the cage. The kittens snuck out so I pushed them back in. The moment I touched a kitten, she jumped up & hooked her claws into my face. I stood up with her attached to my face. I shook my head to get her off me. As I ran to leave the room, she jumped on my back. We had to leave her for 15 mintues to cool her jets, but she was still being crabby.

Now, when she sees me, she lunges at me. I don't think I'll get near her again for awhile.

Oh yeah, the title should be 'I got attacked'. I missed the t.
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That momma sure does protect them babies. She's not playing around. Sounds like a problem. Well good luck with all of that!
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that looks as painful as when teufel scratched the inside of my mouth that took 3 weeks to heal! Can you believe i have a scar in the inside of my mouth him from?

I hope yours dont and i hope you get better soon and that they heal very good!
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OUCH! Looks very painful. Did she scratch you IN your eyes at all? A tetanus shot may not be a bad idea...
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I second the tetanus shot, and wanted to add that you are a very pretty girl, and have such a great complexion, barring the kitty wounds!
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yowza! I can only imagine how much that hurt! isn't it amazing how much a cat scratch can bleed?? its like they aim for the arteries hope you heal up quickly, get some neosporin too.
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Ouch!!! I second that you are very pretty aside from the cat scratches! I hope that they heal fast and leave no scarring behind!

Oh yeah. It reminds me of when we had a cat named Irish (born on st. Patty's day) and I was holding her and she got scared of on e of the dog and sliced my ear open. Boy did that hurt and leave a scar.
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Yikes! Hope you heal soon! That doesn't look like fun!

So are you guys gonna rename Honey to "Temptress"??? Or maybe the Shrew?
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whoa!!!! Thank God she did'nt get your eye! Those puncture wounds hurt the worst- I had a nasty one on my leg from Murphy he was sitting in the window and something spooked him, he jumped straight in the air, all claws out and landed on my thigh man it was nasty and painful! It did heal ok though. I hope yours heals alright with it being on your cheek and all. Are you gonna go to the doc? whatever you do, keep something on it like neosporin or vasaline so it does'nt scar too bad.

for you-- I hope the pain goes away soon
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I thought about going to the doctor, but I didn't. They seem to be healing fine. Besides that, a nurse volunteers at the humane society & she called me this afternoon to check on me. It was so nice of her!

I had to get a tetanus shot last summer, so I think I am good. I'd rather not get another one!

I am not too worried about scarring. I know it will scar as I always scar, but that's OK. It's not like they'll make me ugly or anything. Besides that, I already have scars on my chin & my forhead, if I get scars on each cheek, I'll have scars all the way around!

I am quite casual about the fact that a cat attacked me. It was bound to happen someday & I'm glad it was Honey, not some cat that would really do some serious damage. I almost got attacked by Chaos a week ago, but there was another volunteer there who saw him about to attack & shoo'd him away.(and after all these cat attacks, I'm still going back tomorrow)

Thanks for saying I'm pretty even with scatches on my face. I thought my picture was awful since I had wiped all my make-up off. The worst part of the whole thing is when I wiped my make-up off, my face got dry & icky(I only wear foundation to keep the moisture in my skin).
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How thats some scratches!!
Yrs ago my dad got scratched and bitten badly while feeding the neighbor's cat while they were vacationing. He went to emergency room and the doccouldn't believe a cat did that damage-they had to get ahold of the neighbors to make sure the shots on the cat were current. Mom went the next day to feed and the cat was pleasant as can be-they figure hormones or something triggered the cats attack.
I hope you feel better today.
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I'm glad the attack isn't going to deter you from volunteering. That must have been painful, and frightening! We've had a cat at our local shelter for several years who will attack people like that - she's unfortunately considered "unadoptable", although just about everything, like T-Touch, floral essences, etc., has been tried. In your case, it probably is just a question of an overprotective momma cat.
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o ouch big boo boos all over your faces are mean little cat for doing that

i kinda feel sorry for ya

and good place to work helping out animals and that good for u woot

................................................................................ ........................
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I hope you feel better soon. I am saying lots of OOCH for you ooch....
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I didn't clean Honey's cage this morning, someone else did. I watched as they did, so then I could figure out the best way to go about it. Honey was fine. She got put in the hall & we kept the kittens quiet. I put a shelf in her cage so she can get away from the kittens.

Tomorrow night I have to clean her cage myself, though. I am sort of worried, mostly because if she attacks me again, she might have to make a one way trip to the vet.
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How are you healing up? I hope good and fast!!
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{{{prayers & vibes}}} for continued healing! You might try Vit. E capsules to reduce scarring, by the way. And you might try keeping an old stuffed toy nearby, to offer as an alternative attack-target. Bless you for being so understanding on Honey's motives - your courage & willingness to forgive are wonderfully commendable!
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Honey was throwing a four star fit when I was cleaning her cage on Sunday night. She attacked me again, but on my arm. I didn't mention it to anyone. What they don't know can't hurt them, right? Besides that, there weren't any claws used in the second attack, it was more of a warning. Her kittens are going to be 6 weeks old, so I guess they are going to seperate Honey from her babies. If they don't the county says they have to have her pts.

Everytime I walk past the room she is in, she starts yowling & hissing. I can't even walk in the laundry room at the HS to put dirty laundry in there, they put a laundry basket in another room for me to use. I think she hates me. I guess they can't all love ya!

My face is healing nicely. One scratch wasn't healing well, so I went to the clinic in town to have them look at it. There isn't anything wrong with it, except for the fact that it is close to my eye. When I rub my eye, I am rubbing the scratch. I just have to be careful about it. Most of the scratches are invisible under my makeup they are healed so well.

Thanks for asking!
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Glad you are ok just make sure to keep the wounds clean.
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I'm glad your okay too...and may I say that I think you have pretty cool hair
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
I'm glad your okay too...and may I say that I think you have pretty cool hair
Thanks! I was hating my hair because it got too long to stand up right. That was actually a bad hair day for me. It was so long, when it got really windy here my hair would blow over! Now I got a haircut & it looks better.
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