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Nursing wounds?

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Ok, i dont think this is good, Tazzie has a terrible sore in between her two nipples the lowest on her body. The edges are raw and oozing looking. Its roughly the size of a silver doller and as you can see jagged edged. What would have caused this? And how can i help without causing problems with her nursing?

Hope this is the right place to put it..

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I thought I had seen this before on the forum and after doing a search I found this thread.
It gave no update though, as I would have liked to have known what it was, I have never seen it before.
I would call the vet.
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Yes, call the vet, before she quits nursing them or it gets infected and she can't (happened to a relative's cat). I don't remember what was wrong though, sorry. It was a LONG time ago.
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think i can put some anti bacterial ointment on it? Or some A n D? Or something that a human woman would put on her nipples while shes nursing??
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There isn't anything I would think that can be used that I can recommend over the counter that would be safe for the kittens. I hope there is someone here that can recommend something to you until the morning, but I would say a vet visit is going to have to be a must.
Does she seem to be in any pain? Does she seem to act different when the kittens nurse?
Has she been overgrooming in herself that you have noticed?
I hope it is something that is cleared up quickly.
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it dosent seem to bother her at all. It bugs ME though, Could i at least clean it with peroxide? Neosporin? I hate open wounds that havent been clean, and the kittens are crawling all over it, even if its not bugging her, im bothered more by it.
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I really wouldn't put anything on it with the kittens rooting around. If you're really worried, you could call the all night emergency vet and tell them what you've told us, and see what they say to do until you can get her to your vet. I hope it's something that turns out to be nothing ; let us know how it goes!

I know on my Boxer website, hydrogen peroxcide is sometimes used in an emergency to induce vomiting!
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I would just call a vet, n ask what they recommend..that way you wont have to drag her in there..

I know bag balm is ok as far as for animals, because they use it for cows, when they milk them..Is it hot to the touch or anything??
if so its infected..if not maybe just applying some of this ointment will help
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Just in my opinion, I would use anything at this moment.
Here is an article of what could be used, such as Saline, but it has little germ fighting factors, and peroxide could be harmful if not used properly.
I would maybe just use warm water and clean it at this point. I think any thick sav or ointment could be ingested by the kittens and cause harm.
They may treat this from the inside out, by just the use of antibiotics. I can imagine how worried you are, I would be concerned myself, but at this moment, I am not sure what I would or could safely recommend.
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That looks painfull..Let us know what the vet says please.
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My breeder aunt said neosporin was allright to put on it, but im gonna call a vet to be sure. Ill update after i call
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I am not sure how you feel about long distance charges, but this is the vet hospital we used to use for our emergencies, before our own vet gave us his home and cell number.
You can post your question and picture on the vet forum, where one of the vets there will answer your question, but I think a phone call to see what could be used tonight would be good, just to get an answer quickly.
The website is
I would assume the last 2 nipples are frequently used, if you think the kittens wouldn't miss them, you could put an ointment such as neosporin, and wrap with gauze so that the kittens couldn't get to that area, but it may cause the kittens to not have enough teats to use.
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they only use the last 4 nipples, so i dont think that taking away the bottom two would be a good idea,
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Ok, just called the vet, and yes a small amount of neosporin can be placed on the wound. It will be just fine. They asked what I believed it may have been from, and I told them possibly from the kittens kneading on Mom while nursing.
I hope it gets better very soon!!
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Might be because the area stayed wet. It is a thought....
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Originally Posted by FamilytimeRags
Ok, just called the vet, and yes a small amount of neosporin can be placed on the wound. It will be just fine. They asked what I believed it may have been from, and I told them possibly from the kittens kneading on Mom while nursing.
I hope it gets better very soon!!
thanks, they told me bag balm works wonders
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Thank you, something I may try in the future, can you tell me where I would find bag balm?
I hope it heals quickly.
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Bag balm is a salve that is used by farmers to keep cows' teats from getting cracked and dry in the cold months.

You can usually find it in a pharmacy. For some reason it's usually kept behind where they keep meds, but it's an over-the-counter item. I think it's under $10.

Go down the PS for another very good use for bag balm.

HOWEVER, I really think you should take her to a vet. I do not believe in trying to diagnose over the internet, and as far as I know, we are not vets.

You're not just dealng with her now, you have the babies, and what if you try the neosporin, it doesn't work, and what she has it catching and the kittens get it? Then you've got real trouble.

Plus, it's in a place where the kittens nurse and mush their heads and mouths, you want them ingesting that stuff?

Please see the vet.

PS: Bag balm is fabulous for your skin. Before you go to bed, wet your face with warm water (don't dry it) and put bag balm over it (as if you were using face lotion. When you wake up and wash it off, you'll be amazed at how soft your skin is. Just know that it is very greasy, so cover your pillow with a towel or a very old cruddy pillowcase so you won't ruin your good things.

I found this out from a TV show about women who looked much younger than their years. The woman who told about it was 72, looked fantastic, and she was told to use it by her husband, who was a dermatologist.

It's also great for things like cracked heels...wet, cover in bag balm, and put an old sock over it before going to sleep.
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Wal-mart, Walgreens..You can pretty much find it anywhere by the lotions & such.
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i talked to the vet, he says its caused by the kneeding because their calws arent sheithed yet. He said both neosporin and bagbalm would be fine as long as it dosent look infected. So i put some neosporin on it for the night, and ill be picking up some bagbalm when my husband pulls his bum outta bed, its 8 30 now, so soon Besdies i gotta go and exchange the cat food he got. He didnt listen to me ( big surpirse) and got stuff that lists corn as the first ingrediant. Not good.
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