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Recent Aggressive Cat Problems

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Hi all,

I'm having some problems with my cats lately. We have 3 cats, Emma and Josie (about 3 years old, got them at the same time) and Anna (about 5-6 years old).

They've never had any problems with each other until recently.

One morning we woke up to a puddle on the stairs to the basement. My girlfriend found it, not me, and cleaned it up before leaving for work. She says she didn't think it was urine (No strong smell, not a large puddle) but we're not sure what else it might be.

This is when our problems begin....

Now Emma and Josie are hissing at Anna. They'll be fine with each other for a good amount of time - cuddling, laying together etc. but the fights always seem to happen in the basement, and they all come roaring up the stairs hissing at Anna.

The litter boxes are in the basement and after each fight we've gone down to check everything in the basement/litters. There doesn't seem to be anything out of place or unusual. As we're down there investigating today Anna went to use the litter box., at which time Josie came stalking up slowly to Anna, appearing as if she was going to swat her. We snapped at her and she went away and Anna finished her business. But this has been going on for about a week now.

Always the aggression seems to be Josie and Emma vs. Anna.
Always the aggression seems to be related to litter.

We haven't changed food or litter brands, and we keep the litters maintained reasonably well. After the fights we've cleaned out the litters hoping that would stop this behavior but it hasn't.

Someone give me some advice please!

EDIT: All cats are female, and have been fixed when they were kittens

EDIT 2: We have 2 litter boxes, both are right beside each other in the basement.
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When cats sense something different about another cat, their behavior changes even though they have been the best of pals. Anna may be ill. Remember that cats do not show or do not want to show if there is something wrong with them but the other cats can tell.
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