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4 cats in one window,,,

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Hi, there are 4 cats in this picture, Rusty is real hard to see because he is down on the sill sideways infront of the other 3.

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How cute!! They all look so cuddly
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thats a great shot! If I were a bird I'd be very intimidated passing THAT window!lol
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you might need bigger window for them How big is the middle one? He looks really big in size or does the camera add 10lbs?
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They are so cute like that.
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Hi, I was glad to have the camera handy when I saw them all together. The middle one is Panther, he is by far our biggest cat, He is about 18 lbs. To his left is Tuffy {with his new collar}, he is about 11 lbs, Tuffy is not very big but he is heavy for his size and strong as a ox, on the right is Angel at about 9 lbs. Rusty is the next biggest one but he is not as heavy as Panther, I am guessing Rusty is about 13-14 lbs. The bird feeder is right outside this window, thats why they are all in it.
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That is brilliant!!
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Looks like Rusty is being tickled by the 3! Great photo!
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Great photo! There must have been something pretty good out there!!
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Hi! good Work! they looks prettie goods! ....

they are seing a birds? if you could to see the other side I figured you can to see four :....

Just kidding friend! ....

thanks for share!
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OMG! At first glance, it looked like "The Great Escape" planning commitee!! Thanks for sharing - it gave me a much-needed chuckle in an otherwise not-going-well day....Susan
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That is to cute! "Now that you have called this meeting, what's up Rusty?"
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