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Kitten help ASAP!

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So, I got a kitten tonight. He's 2 weeks old, eyes open, bawls a lot, walking.

I was told to feed him every 2-3 hours. I was also told to give him .5 cc of KMR at each meal. Rub his bottom to get him to poop. I fed him .5 cc, rubbed his bottom with a warm cotton ball. He peed, but he didn't poop. He also will not quit crying.

How much should I be feeding him? How else can I get him to poop?
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Or, you can simply place the rear end of your kitten into the gentle trickle of warm water (make sure it is not too hot!) and then start stimulating the abdomen and anal area. He should let loose and eliminate quickly. Then wrap him up in a warm towel and keep him close until he is fully dried.
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I think the warm water on cotton ball is all I can think of. Some say it take 5-10 min.
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Go to the www.Kitten-Rescue.com site; I've had bottle kittens before, but a long time ago! This is a really good site! And print it out (landscape setting worked best for me) so you can refer to it often! There was also a link to a calendar that was helpful, and I printed it out too. The Thermacare heat pads (that you stick to you-stick 'em on a towel, wrapped in some towels) or a generic, or I think playtex makes one (in the feminine products section) that is cheaper, lasts a good long time for keeping a warm spot for them (I used one when the power went out and I couldn't heat her rice sock). I also put my kittens in the front of my shirt, up against my skin when I was sitting watching tv or something.

He may go poop every time after he eats, he may not-when in doubt, ask your vet and keep a notebook with feedings (when and how much) and when he went to the bathroom last- those 2-3 hour feedings will make you SO tired and you probably won't remember acurately when the vet asks . He should go tee tee everytime, though if he is hydrated and I am remembering right . A warm, wet VERY SOFT (like a baby's wash cloth) also works well and is gentle to the skin. If he gets irritated and sore there, it will just make things worse.

The rescue site has how much to feed them, how often, and for what age. I would also recommend getting a medicine syringe from a pharmacy to measure the formula into the bottle-the measurements on my bottle were way off, and if you feed them too much, they can get the runs and get sick.

Will pray everything goes well and if you don't have kids already, consider this a crash course test run! Babies of any kind are hard work, but rewarding!
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Originally Posted by catsallover
Will pray everything goes well and if you don't have kids already, consider this a crash course test run! Babies of any kind are hard work, but rewarding!
I never want to have kids. Not if its this hard!

He peed right away when I wiped at his bottom. I wiped at it for a minute or two, but I didn't want to irritate it. He ate good, but I didn't know for sure(or at all, really) how much to give him. I bottled LIly for a short while, but she was waaayyyy older than this little boy is. I have the lady who was caring for him show me everything she did, but I cannot remember(I got attacked by a cat before harnd & was slightly shaken-I'm OK). I called her cell #, but she works nights at the hospital, so I don't know when she'll call me back. I figured I would stay up until his midnight feeding & hopefully she call me back by then.

I only have this boy for a few days, he'll move on to another home by satruday or sunday. I cannot give him his feeding when I am gone to class on Monday, so they will have somewhere for him to go by then.

I've got thermacare & playtex heating pads. I was given a regualr heating pad to use for him with blankets wrapped around it. They were taking another kitten to the vet tonight(it got attacked by the deaf dog in the foster home) & that vet suggested that I put warm water in a bottle to lay beside baby.

What I really wish I would have asked is if he has a name!
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