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poor baby. I will send labor prayers....
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Originally Posted by winterandsmokey
me either as winter is driving me crazy. I wish I could help her but don't know how. I lover her so much it is so hard to see her in so much discomfort. I am hoping she will go tonight. I have been hoping that for a long time. She is so big I had to take the cover off the litterbox cause she could not fit into the opening.
i remeber when i was so big i rolled in to the coner of my water bed and got stuck I feel for her I hope it happens soon
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I got stuck in the restaurant booth
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Oh Dear

Lady employee at Walmart (whom I saw frequently) asked if I was trying to "walk that baby out" (while I was shopping). I was 7 months . Ironicly, that's exactly what happened a little later-6 weeks early ! I think if we made it to 40 weeks, someone else would have had to drive me to Walmart!
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I'm postivie that 102 days is absolutely impossible. It just cannot physically happen, because after 63-65 days the placentas are aging and simply cannot support life any more. They die gradually, and although it is true some cats, especially siamese, can go longer than the normal 63 days, anything over 71 or 72 days and most vets would suggest a c section because the babies can die at that point. The placentas harden and are unable to pass through enough nutrients and oxygen, or filter out bodily wastes and toxins anymore.
I would guess that perhaps someone else in your household let the cat out and got her back in without telling you? Or maybe she snuck out and back in unnoticed?
Either way, it does sound like she is due soon, but I think it is a good idea to watch her rear end very closely and see if there is any discharge, it may be important to her health. If you watch her long enough, maybe lay with her for an hour or sometihng, and get a clean papertowel and just dab her vulva you can see if there is anything and what color.
Good luck, and I do hope you have her spayed afterwards
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Any news yet?
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I think we all are waiting,
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Waiting here as well....
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I hate waiting game Also over 100 days is scary.
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no new news yet. i am not sure but she has been nesting in tow different places. Is it possible she is trying to figure out which place is more suitable to have her babies. She does not seem to have any interest in the nesting area I have set up for her in the spare room.
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Maybe she is trying to find her own spot Just watch her cues.
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I am letting her do her own thing. I just got off the phone with the vet. He says because she is still eating drinking and having bowel movements those are all good signs. That he feels she should be having them tonight. he is concerned that her nipples are not swollen as they should be. They are cracked and dry but no swelling yet. I have been putting vaseline on them but does not seem to be doing very much. He feelsd that if she had not had them by monday to bring her in right away.
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Nexy Monday. oooooo poor thing is going to be hurting.. That would be a lot of days pregnant.
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I know she is already hurting. Today when she comes out of hiding she has been following me around meowing at me. as to say mama I want this over. She is laying on the living room floor on her back with her rear legs spread open. her following me around is out of character for her and meowing is also out of character for her to. so maybe she will go in next couple of days. I was at work when she started labor last time. I was only home to get her to the vet as she was really sick last time when I found her giving birth to the last kitten. I was glad I was there as I had to take care of the last one and nurse it. She did not clean it or take care of the placenta. So I was thankful to have a vet tech. as a close friend so she could walk me through it. I am really starting to get worried for her. It is hard when there really isn't anything you can do to help her. She has been my baby since we got her at 6weeks old. We went to get my daughter a kitten but came home with 2. I fell in love with her. she is so pretty. she is black with white on her feet, belly and chest. Tuxedo black and white. I will post a picture if someone can tell me how
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Try bag balm (you can get it at the pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist) instead of vaseline.

I'm curious as to why, since you've had them so long you have not had her spayed. If for no other reason than her health, since she seems to have a real hard time, and the pregnancies have a history of putting a really big strain on her body. Also it can't be comfortable for her to go into heat all the time. Plus cats who are not spayed do have more of a tendency towards certain cancers.

I hope she has them soon, and everyone does okay.
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me also. She took so long last time I would not want to put her through it again
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I just figured it out if she copulated Jan 9th due date is March 15th She is over a month late.. She is 105 days pregnant. I thought after 71 days the mother did not provide... This is a super long time. Are you sure when she got pregnant.
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that is the only time she was outside. I am going to give her until mon. if she is still pregnant She will go in for a x-ray and probably induce her or do a c-section. The kittens are still moving. I get kicked almost everytime I hold her or she is on my lap.
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I'm sorry, but it really is not even remotely possible for the cat to be 105 days pregnant.
That would be the equivalent of a human being 15 months pregnant.... it just cannot happen. If a mother cat went that far overdue and did not go into labor, it would die. Plain and simple, it would die, a long time ago.
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Can you insist on going to the vet sooner? I mean I would be in a panic if I were you! I cant see her being that pregnant......she must have snuck out at some other time.
Id just run her in for peace of mind
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I would be panicking too!! She had to have gotten out more recently then that since 105 days pregnant is unheard of, there is no way! Wow, when this litter is weaned at 10-12 weeks, PLEASE please please have her spayed asap and not put her through this possibly happening again. Poor baby. Good luck.
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She is a female cat and I heard in heat they will do anything... Did someone let her out and then back in and not tell ya.
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I am curious of why the vet would want to wait so long. That seems odd to me. Our vet would have us come in just for a check up around day 67-68. Let's say assuming this cat could be this many days pregnant, 105 days, wouldn't the kittens be so large, that they wouldn't be able to get enough nutrition.
I think I would be finding another vet and taking her in now and not later. For her health, as well as the kittens. Then I wouldn't allow her around any unneutered males, until she is spayed. It is much healthier for your cat to be spayed and neutered, she will be a lot happier, and you won't have to worry about this sort of thing again.
If you do enjoy raising kittens, please volunteer at a shelter or rescue organization, they would love to have your help with the many pregnant Moms and kittens they get in. You would be helping a great cause.
I do hope that everything turns out to be okay. I couldn't just sit back, and not do something immediately for my loved family member.
Good Luck!!
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I was there today and my vet said the latest he will wait is May 19th. After that bring her in if there is signs of labor in 48 hours he will wait but after the 23 or 24 it is to long.
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as I have said earlier we have just moved and my vet 70 miles away 1 1/2 hour drive that I do not feel that she can handle that right now and there is only one vet in the area. I know who the father is and when she mated. as i was not a witness but my cousin next door did witness this on jan. 9th. he said if she is displaying signs that there is something wrong than I should bring her in but if not I should wait it out for the week. I feel that either tonight or tomorrow she will be having them. He did say we can't let her go anymore than mon. He will induce or do a c-section then after he does an x-ray. The reason I have not fix her is because a family member lost there pet that way. the vet gave him to many drugs to put him under and never woke up yes I am scared to lose her. That vet is no longer a vet.
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She would I think about ready to just blow out of her skin being she is 105 days along poor thing.
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Is there any babies yet...
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no babies yet. She has been in her nesting box since last night. so Hoping she will go soon thought she would go last night from the way she was acting. I promise to keep you updated.
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ok ok I know patients
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hope to hear about babies soon!
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