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What Are The Rules?

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Ok, if you live with your parents however old you are, what are your rules for TV and computer time? My tv rules are well, nuthin really, dont watch things I am not allowed 2, and computer rules I can get on it whenever I am here and sum1 else isnt on it. You?
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I just moved back home with my parents i have a TV and Computer and well nobody can prohibit me to do anything because i am well over age.

The only thing im not allowed to do is bring Boys over
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I lived at home when I was 19 (after college for the summer) and I was able to do anything I wanted - I just had to of course spend time with family, and let them know where I was going and when I was going to be back.
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Cool! lol!
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I can watch anything I My internet is limited chat rooms*IM is ok though, no Myspace, and I can't get on for more than 15 mins in the daytime (our phone line is the internet line). That's not least I don't think
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I moved out three weeks after graduation from high school and haven't been back (to stay) since... But I can tell you what the rules were while I was home.

Basically, the rules were, if my Dad wanted to use the computer or watch something on TV, then he got to. Frequently, he did both at the same time, and would come home from somewhere in the middle of a movie I was watching and just change the channel. The only time I won was if I needed to write a paper for school. There weren't any time limits, seeing as how my father didn't have a job and all he did was TV/internet, so it would have been pretty hard to tell me. When I was little my mom didn't like me watching TV though. She'd always say, wouldn't you rather be outside playing? Don't you want a friend over? It's such a beautiful day! And usually I went outside.
I wasn't "allowed" to watch The Simpsons, Roseanne, Mtv, and I'm sure others, because they were "trashy". The Simpsons is one of my favorite shows now...Then again, they knew I went to R movies in the theatre when I was still in elementary school, so that seems silly.
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My parents rules weren't to bad. Internet and all that I could use whenever I wanted. I think my curfew was pretty early for a long time though. 9:30 in 9th grade and when I turned 16 it was 10 or 10:30. When I graduated High School All the rules pretty much went out the window. I just had to be curteous enough to let them know where I was going and about what time I would be home and give them a call if I was going to be later than I thought. I still find myself telling my parents if we are leaving town for the day or watever but will be home at such and such time!
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Cool! I 4got 2 internet rule, NO MYSPACE. I am not allowed under any circumstanses to have a myspace. I cant have a xanga either until my Mom checks it out, but thats ok, I have a blogspot!
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Oh's been 5 or 6 years, but when I lived with my parents after college I had to get my own personal phone line (they didn't get high speed until AFTER I moved out) for dial up internet. TV was anytime for us though. we just couldn't have it in our rooms until we were able to afford our own AFTER we turned 18.

Good choice with your mom on MY SPACE. I saw an IT article the other regarding MySpace and the number of people that make the mistakes to open themselves up to online preditors and ID theft.
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Myspace really scares me to. Some of the kids that get on there just don't think about the people on the other side of the monitor being predators. They even tell what school and where they live. EEEK!!
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When I lived with my parents, I was allowed on the internet from 9pm-10pm. Curfew on weekends was 11pm and not a minute later. I am so glad I have my own place now!!
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The computer is mine, so I pretty much get to use it whenever.. unless someone really want to use it for something.. which isn't often. I hardly watch tv, and even when I do watch a lot, mom doesn't set rules for me. She knows there must be something really good on if I'm actually taking time to watch the tv..
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Originally Posted by fwan
I just moved back home with my parents i have a TV and Computer and well nobody can prohibit me to do anything because i am well over age.

The only thing im not allowed to do is bring Boys over
in my house boys have to leave before breakfast and my big, angry father gets up

Still live at home as have just graduated, but my parents are really cool. only problem is i never get to watch what i want on tv as theres so many of us living here!
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Here's the rules for my house. I have three teenage boys.

tv- they have tv's in their room so if they don't like what I'm watching
then they can go watch it in their room. Off at 9:00pm weekday
10:00 pm weekends.

internet/computer- they each have their own and they are monitored
and they must be off at 8:00 pm on school nights and
10:00 pm weekends . Their dad is a computer techo
so we are able to monitor where they go regularly.
2 of my sons have my space accounts. They are
checked and I read all messages. My sons know this
as well. I did have to have them edit their accounts to my
opinion on what is safe.

curfew- 8:30pm you must be home on weeknights. 11:00 pm
weekends (only for my 18yr old.) He must call to check in
to let me know his plans. When he graduates next month
things will have to change but until than these are my rules.
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I was not allowed to watch hardly anything on tv by my mom's rules. My dad enjoyed watching shows with me that I wasn't allowed too. My mom thought that tv was pointless and stupid entertainment. We all argued that is was just that, entertainment. We rarely ever wanted to just sit in front of the tv all day anyways since we were always outside playing. But she insisted. I wasn't allowed to even watch shows like Saved By The Bell and My So Called Life, if the characters in the show were slightly older then me, it was nothing I needed to see. I love my mom and she makes the rules but some of her ideas were a little out there. Even nowadays she says how she can't believe she was that picky on things. My 2 younger sisters and I were really good, respectful kids too and smart about know whats on tv is made up for the most part.

My mom was VERY picky about music, I was hardly allowed to listen to anything. That was easy to get around though because I kept all my (secret) cds hidden in my school locker. My dad liked some of the music I did too so that was weird, like Green Day (the OLD green day not whatever it is they play now). I was also huge into bands like the Sex Pistols and Marilyn Manson and the more controversial bands and my mom was heavily religious. My whole family is actually so she would try to get us into it too by buying Christian hard rock cds for me (which I hated) and making us read the bible, like trying to be a "cool" christian hehe. I am making my mom seem like a nut job here but she was really great actually just a little odd with her restrictions on what we could and couldn't do...her reasons were always don't do that because the bible says it is wrong. So ya, we didn't agree on that argument so it led to more arguments. That is all though, we never fought or anything bad like that.

But as soon as I turned 18, no more curfews or anything so that was nice. I still didn't do much of anything different anyways but I didn't have to worry on the occational time I was out late. Until college came around when I was 19, then party time hehe. Parents never had any rules on having boys over but I didn't expect them to allow it so I never did really.

oh and no restrictions on computer when I was growing up. It wasn't really common to have on at home until I was in high school and then I would sit at it with my mom messing with all the jock football players who couldn't spell and making fun of them hehe, my mom is weird.

Now however I am on the Mac all day at work and when I come home I am on my PC all night. I am addicted to MySpace and am on it and cruisin the internet all the time keeping in touch with former classmates and friends and stuff.
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My parent's weren't too strict. Before I turned 18 we only had the internet off and on but I could go on a few hours at a time. I had a TV in my room but didn't watch much. When I was younger I got 1 hour of TV. After I turned 18 the only rule was basically to have the courtesy to call if I was going to be late. (past 11)
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All I remember is having a really early, annoying curfew and not being allowed to go to people's houses unless their parents were home and I had to call every time we changed location. I don't think my parents really had TV and computer rules for me, partly because I never watched TV and only used the compy to talk to friends. This was before Myspace and Blogging were as popular as they are today...In fact, I'm pretty sure MySpace didn't exist when I was living at home, and I didn't know about personal blogs until about a week before I left for school.
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
in my house boys have to leave before breakfast and my big, angry father gets up

Still live at home as have just graduated, but my parents are really cool. only problem is i never get to watch what i want on tv as theres so many of us living here!
Dont brag!

My dad wakes up at all times of the nights and always checks up on me! If i have men over of course
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I'm 16 and I have my own computer and TV so no rules there.

I can go pretty much where ever I like but I always let Mum know who I'm with and what I'm doing!
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