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Just reading over in Ohio today and just in the past 4 days, there have been 3 15 year old cats and 2 10 year old cats post for needing a new home. Some said they have had the cats since kittenhood, some said they can't keep the cat where they are moving too. All these incredibly STUPID reasons!! Just makes me mad that people think nothing of throwing out a 15 year old cat....because they don't feel they can give it enough attention anymore. I mean, I think keeping a cat that you have had for that long an not playing with it as much as you used too has got to be less stressful on the cat then suddenly plopping it into a new home with strange people and other animals and environment...rrgg....
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It's so would think they would be attached to a cat after that long..Maybe some people have no feelings and no conscience. I simply wouldn't live somewhere if I couldn't bring my furry with me.
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People like this make me sick Im sorry but if I *HAD* to get rid of an animal, espically after having it so long, I would rather it be put to sleep, because I would feel that noone else would be able to give it the home that it had before, and besides that is just mean to make it adjust to a new life/home.....thats just me though.
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I just can't understand how they havent bonded with them after all that time The poor babies, at such an age as well, when all they want is a warm loving home

I hope these sort of people end up in an old folks home where no visitors go to see them
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That is mean, especially at that age. It's so hard to find new homes for elderly kitties.
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at least they put them up for adoption, rather than just dumping them those are the people that REALLY make me mad! i still can't figure out why anyone would've abandoned Chip - he's such a sweetie!
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Someone just turned in TWO 15 year old cats at the local shelter. They both look pretty rough. Both are skinny, one has a cloudy eye and rough looking nails. The other is a skeleton! I fed it a can of food since it had just arrived and when I went to check its had none! Plus it had infection pouring out of one nostril. You better believe I'm calling the owner just to see what she has to say! THAT is just wrong!

FYI - We are going to work with it. The poor thing has already perked up. People make me so sick sometimes though!
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We get calls for this many, many times a day at the shelter. Now, we're a rescue that works with only sick and injured strays, so we can never take house cats in. But people will call saying "I have to move to California, so I need to get rid of my two 13 year old cats. They're extremely sweet, they're the absolutle love of my life and we've had them since they were kittens...they're even declawed!" absolutely breaks my heart. We always try to counsel these people on how to move with pets, how to rent with pets, how to control allergies when you have them, how you shouldn't even consider getting another pet if you have allergies, etc, etc. I'd have to say that most of them are dead-set on getting rid of "the loves of their life".
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
I simply wouldn't live somewhere if I couldn't bring my furry with me.
Ditto to that! I hate that I live almost an hour from where I work, but since I have, uh, a little collection I'm probably not going to find anywhere else to live that would allow me to keep as many pets as I have, so I drive and drive and drive If I didn't take in FeLV+ cats, I would probably take in seniors cause I know that they're almost as hard to adopt out as positives To me its like having kids and then moving into an adult only community- you wouldn't make that choice with your children, so how exactly do you view your pets??
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Thats so stupid. Why 'get rid of' a perfectly wonderful cat just because you're moving. I've already decided I won't move anywhere that doesn't allow animals. Once my fiance and I are living together, we are going to adopt older cats that need a good home.
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What is also bad...I just was looking at the classifieds again around here and there are about 10 or so listings for puppies and kittens as young as 4-6 weeks old for sale. Sad sad, some are "purebred" going for $200-400 like Himalayans and Siamese, and Boxers and Labs...
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Ya I gotta stop looking at, just saw 2 pregnant cats someone wants to give away cuz they don't want so many cats. then I saw a brother and sister, 1 year old, indoor and outdoor, wants to keep them together, neither is spayed or netuered.

I am going to drive myself crazy...
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And we wonder why the pet population is out of control So many people are so uneducated about pets, it really is sad I really like that the pediatric neutering is seeming to catch on, even if a rescue group has their adopters sign a contract, there is no guarantee that they will actually follow through much better to at least have that done before they leave
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