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Our cat won't urinate ...

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Hi all.

This is my first post and wish I had found this site years ago.

Well, our 5 year old himalayan will not urinate unless someone is home. If we leave in the morning, she will hold it in until one of us comes back.

I guess this is not normal behavior for any animal, but I'm actually concerned if this could cause long-term damage.

Any help would be apprecited.
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Chances are she is urinating, just not in the box. Has she been to the vet? Do you have her confined in a room, or does she have the run of the house?
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She does not pee at all, and passes a good amount of urine when one of us gets home.

And, she has access to everything. We can't close any of our doors because of her.
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Just a couple questions, and please excuse me if you've already thought of these things, or done them.

-Have you checked with her vet about this? What does he/she say about it?

-Have you considered taking her with you places? I know it sounds insane, and excuse my asking if she's not the kind of cat that would like it, but ya never know, right? It's worth asking...

-Have you tried maybe putting the TV or radio (like talk radio) on for her while you're gone? Maybe the silence of no one talking makes her nervous.

Anyway, I hope those are some semi-useful ideas...
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We haven't mentioned it to her vet and we do take her everywhere we go. In fact, her ability to retain urine makes it much easier for us to drive/fly with her.

But, we still worry if she is doing any physical damage to her bladder or kidneys.

The TV/radio idea actually sounds very good. We will try this to see if she uses the litterbox by herself.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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Oh, your welcome...I hope it works!
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