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Update on Spike

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I'm playing catch up, as I've been pretty busy the last few days...

He's 4 oz and has normal poo!!!!

His eyes are open...will post a pic really soon.....and he's crawling around everywhere...and has decided he likes belly rubs. It gets him purring so loud his whole body shakes. Scared the ____ outta me first time he did it.

I know he's not ready for soft food yet, but he's been chewing the heck outta the nipples. Any ideas? He's 2 weeks old today, and has doubled in size.
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Yay, Spike! You go, little guy!

I can't help with the nipple chewing...I only bottle fed one, and he chewed right through several nipples! I'm sure you will get some advice soon.
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Hi spike how are you hunny. I will keep a eye out for a update photo.
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Baby food....it works like a charm...i always use it when transitioning my foster kittens from milk to kitty food....here's how i do it .... milk to babyfood- i only use Gerber...some of the cheaper brands have nasty additives that upset kitties digestive tracks- try turkey, beef, or chicken...in the Stage 1 jars....i wouldn't suggest ham...it can upset their stomach.... / then i would try gradually introducing soft food....and then purina kitten chow "mush
- 1 part kitten chow, one part supplement kitty milk (kmr) heated up and mashed up into a soft food like consistency.....then the next step is hard kitten chow. Remember though, that a kittens digestive track is very sensitive to change, so all adjustments need to be made GRADUALLY! Best of luck with your kitten...if you need any more help with kitten food info, give me an email dancgurl2000@yahoo.com / Also, it would be helpful to know the approx. age of your kitten and it's weight to give you an ideal target of where his development should be. My guess is that if he's chewing on the nipples, he's starting to get his teeth in and is definitely ready for something a little more satisfying ...so definitely begin to introduce the baby food...i find that using an open syringe works well if a kitten will not willingly take it, but idealy, he should lick the babyfood off a small spoon or your finger...then work his way up to a small bowl...all the while, be sure to keep giving him a milk supplement so that you don't shock his system with the new change in food, you want to strike a good balance with your feeding schedule- (you don't want to overfeed him, or to underfeed him- so having a scale and weighing him daily really will help you keep track of his developmental needs...)that could cause diarreah, so keep up the milk with the baby food , and as he increases his baby food intake, cut back on the milk, then introduce the soft food, and then the kitten chow "mush" and finally the dry kitten chow ...that is the best way to wean a kitten while making sure they don't have their stomaches upset. Best of luck...feel free to ask if you need anything else.
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