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I was wondering what everyone uses for worming their pregnant cat? Can you use EarlyWorm from PetsMart? Is it safe? or Should you take them to the vet?
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Do not worm her while she's pregnant.

When I did worm my cat, I used 8-1 dewormer, which the vet said was fine.

However, you should not worm her while she's pregnant, or until the kittens are 6 weeks old (Check the bottle, it says how old the kittens should be before you can give it to them, I'm pretty sure it said 6 weeks.)

Anything you give mom is also taken by the kittens and they are too young, both in the womb and when they are first born.

Once they are 6 weeks (or whatever the bottle you choose says), you can worm everyone.

Wait until after she gives birth and the kittens are six weeks old.
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This earlyworm is a 8 in 1 dewormer. But I shouldn't do it until they are born and like 6 weeks. I don't think she has worms but a girl friend of mine who breeds brown points said the earlyworm is ok and that I should do it before they are born and like 2 weeks after.
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Not all wormers are safe during pregnancy, the only one I know of is Fenbendazole (Panacur). There are different wormers, with different active ingredients that could hurt the unborn kittens if you treat the Mom.
If you believe the Mother to have worms, please have the vet do a fecal and treat her for the worms she has.
While there, you can speak with the vet about a worming schedule for the kittens.
I have always began worming around 4 weeks old, and use Pyrante pamoate
(Strongid T), and then I reworm kittens 2-3 times before they go to their new homes at 12 weeks old.
I don't know enough about the effectiveness of the wormers sold at local petstores.
Good luck.
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I would NOT recommend use a wormer from a petstore, or any form of medication from a pet store. It can do way more harm then good.
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Originally Posted by Jen
I would NOT recommend use a wormer from a petstore, or any form of medication from a pet store. It can do way more harm then good.
I agree with Jen. Even the vet offered to give me worm meds as long as I did not go to the petstore for it. He said they are no good.
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When I took my Tinkerbelle to the vet for a check up when she was about 6 weeks pregnant, the vet wormed her saying that 'this was a good time to do it if she hadn't been wormed recently'. He gave her 1 tablet (I dont know the name of it) and said that she and the babies could be re-wormed as a precaution when the babies reached 6 weeks.
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Most likely it was a pill called Droncit (praziquantel), not to be confused with Drontal, which will cause birth defects.
Droncit is safe for pregnant cats.
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Well thanks for everyones help. I'll call the vet and talk to them and get her.
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