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This poor little Yorkie

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I saw this story of this little Yorkie last week on the news,The suffering this little Yorkie endured is heartbreaking .
The article does go into detail of the injuries this little dog had.
There are no graphic pictures that would be upsetting.


Please lets find the sicko who is responsible.
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That is so disgusting..I almost felt like I was going to be sick thinking about what that poor dog went through in his last moments. The worst part about these things is the poor guy probably trusted humans.
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I couldn't even read past the first little bit!

All I have to say is that these evil people need to pay!
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Diana after you told me about that poor dog last week, Gil said it was on the news over in Scotland about it

The poor thing, at least he's at peace now
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I was almost sick reading this article. Yorkies are such cute and sweet little dogs, and this one was probably still at the puppy stage.
Whoever hurt that poor little dog so horribly doesn't even deserved to be called human!!!!!

R.I.P. little one!!!!
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There are tears streaming down my face. I hope the poor little yorkie gets lots of comfort and love in heaven. I hope whoever committed this terrible crime gets caught and he or they burn(s) in hell forever!!
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