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I have another mom with kittens

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I work at an animal hospital, I came into work today and found out that a co workers friend came in the other day and dropped of a momma cat and her 5 1 week old kittens. The mom and her babies have been staying in our grooming room, its the only place sick animals are not around and so the safest place to put them. The only problem is that it is really loud back there.We have a kennel too, so not only did momma have to endure the super loud blow drying and music the groomer played, she also had to listen to about 20 dogs barking there heads off. One of my other co workers is gonna take them, but she cant for two more days. So I offered to keep them in my larger bathroom until she can get them. So now I have this momma and her 5 kittens, and I have a pregnant mom about to burst any day now.

I have the 1 week old kittens in a box in my bathroom with there mom. I got a litterbox,food,and water for momma. I also made a rice sock and put it along one side of the box. Is there anything else I need to do?All kittens look healthy and so does mom, she is just a little dirty. I figured this will be good practice for when my Momma delivers.

Any advice on caring for 1 weeks old kittens even if it is just for 2-3 days?
Thanks in advance!

Oh I almost forgot. Im keeping her and the babies in the box that the previous owner brought her in. Its pretty tall though, about 2 feet high, im guessing. Its been a week since she delivered, is this ok or should I make it shorter if I can?Im just nervouse about moving the babies, mom doesnt know me and I think she might freak out, she is a very nice cat though, hisses sometimes when you first approach but then rubs all over you wanting to be pet.She has been getting in and out of the box, I havnt seen her do it but I have seen her both in and out of the box, what should I do?
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I would keep her in the tall box. If the bedding hasn't been changed, you will want to change that. I swith777777///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
(Garfield...get off the keyboard!)
I was saying...I switch blankets on the little ones by rolling the dirty one up as far as I can without disturbing Momma. Then I put the clean one down, with the edge closest to the dirty blanket rolled up. Then transfer each kitten quickly to the clean blankie. And pull out the dirty one, then finish rolling out the clean one.

(Go on, Gar!)

It may sound like a weird way to do it, but that is close to how I learned to change dirty sheets with a patient still in the bed...back when I was in nursing school!

Also, feed the Momma kitten food. And be sure to wash hands in between petting her and your preggers girl. Just in case one of them has something contagious!
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I would also weigh them daily, even if it is for just 2-3 days, and give the weights to the other person that takes the Momma and babies, so they can also keep a weight chart.
It is great that you are there to help.
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Garfield would like to tell us how he would do it
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I have notcied the mom sneezing, Im worried she could have an URI. Everytime I go in the bathroom she sneezes on me and I have to change my clothes so I dont give it to my other cats or my pregnant girl. I think the safest thing for me to do is bring the mom and kittens back to work and find a quiet place there for them. I dont want to risk getting my pregnant cat sick. I feel bad saying this b/c I love all animals, but my momma is my number 1 priorty and I dont want to jeoperdize her health or her unborn babies health. I just feel bad for the mom and her kittens. Hopefully I can get my co worker to pick them up today. Im gonna have to have the doctor look at the mom too so we can get her healthy. Other then sneezing though she seems completly fine, she is eating, purring, feeding her babies, and is being a great mom.I feel bad
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What color is the discharge from her nose. I think I would take her in.
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