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I wondered if you all could help me pick a name for my runt kitten. His mother and his 3 siblings were left on my doorstep (in a ratty old carrier). They were dirty and sick. They are on their way to being healthy kittens. The runt is only half the size of his siblings (second pic). I want him to have a fitting name. Some of the suggestions have been- Yoda or Gizmo. What do you think?


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I forgot I have 3 cats of my own, Cassidy and Clyde (males) and Nina (female). I am currently fostering 2 mommas and their litters.


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I think Gizmo is a wonderful name!!!

What a gorgeous little cherub!!

I'm always a sucker for the runt of a litter!
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I think Gizmo or Yoda are very adorable names but I have two more if you want to use them and they are: Frodo and Dobby.

I think any little kitten no matter what the size is adorable and needs love.

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Thanks guys.

Kittypaw, I love the name Frodo. It fits him. I was thinking of Clark, as in Clark Kent- he is a little Superman. I think Frodo is what it will be- its him

Jane, your Diesel looks a lot like Clyde. He has the same one-sided mustache.
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I like Gizmo as well, the little sweetie pie what he is
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Awwww What a tiny sweetie!

Whichever name you pick, I'm sure it will be just perfect!
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