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How Do I Make Money?

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Ok, I am trying to save up money untill MCR's next tour so I can afford to go to one of there concerts, I have to get ticket money, gas money for a 6 hour trip, ticket money for my Mom and best friend, not to mention MAYBE a new outfit for the concert, so I am saving untill there next tour, and I was hopeing I would have enough money and more, I have a while to save for it, but ya, I was just wondering, how do I make money?

P.S. Dont suggest garage sale, or allowence.
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Uh, I don't know how old you are, but you could get a job? Or with summer coming up you could start your own lawn mowing business or yard cleaning (for people with pets who don't want to pick up their you-know-what).

Depending on your age, you could talk to a temp service about work. You could also talk to people in the neighborhood and do odd jobs for them, like mowing, weeding, raking leaves, cleaning things.... ect.

Hope this helps.
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Thanx, but not really. I am yung is all I'll say, and cant go anywhere alone, and my Mom duznt wanna watch me go around the neighborhood and do jobs, so ya. Thanx tho!
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then theres not much you can make money with...
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Ya, well. I will find sum way.
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Who is MCR?
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Why do you have to pay for everything if you aren't even old enough to get a job? Is that the deal so you can go?

I babysat alot from 13-16. I don't know if that's a possibility. It could be for someone your mom knows and trusts. I babysat for my church for a while until I was old enough to get a "real" job. Thats better than wandering around your neighborhood asking to do yardwork. How about petsitting? You should ask your mom if she knows anyone who could hire you for something.

There really isn't any other good way to get money. Are you sure your mom just didn't want to say you can't go?
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I didnt really, ask. I just know that she isnt going to want to pay for everything to go to a concert she doesnt even want to go to, I just need an adult to get in. So I decided I would pay for it without even asking, I would also feel a bit happier if I payed for it myself, it would be MY trip, and MY concert, not hers. I dont want to have to go through life asking for money. I want to earn it myself. And I know my Mom doesnt want to go, but I know she would if I payed for it myself, and it isnt for like, ever, so I have ALOT of time to persuade her to take me, so anyways, babysitting is good, I have 2 convince my Mom 2 let me tho.
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Sounds like you must be fairly young, and your Mom is pretty protective. (Which I totally like! ) Is there any way you can go to work with her and earn some cash? Every summer, the doctors office where I work hires employee's high school kids to do filing, or sorting, or some other simple work.

I'm not digging to know your age, because you are smart to keep that to yourself. But given the limitations, you may have to bring your Mom into the picture to help make some money.

Another idea is other relatives. Can you help paint your Grandparents garage, or fold laundry for your aunt? Just try to think of how you can help someone out....
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Maybe wash/detail cars? If you're like 11 or something it doesn't really work, but if your ~16 it's a good way to make cash. Just gotta know people with nice cars and make sure you do a good job Babysitting, lawns (serious $$$ can be made there), begging downtown... Just get creative!
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If you can, then definitely babysit. Most babysitters today can earn ~ $50 per night.

Also trust me on this, enjoy life while you still can and not need to hold a job down! My dad was laid off when I was 14 and I was given such a guilt trip by my mom about how they couldn't afford anything that I started to work. At 28, I'm exhausted from having to work all the time! But I need to until I retire in 40 years.
Just a little word of advice, keep being a kid until you don't have to anymore!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
Just a little word of advice, keep being a kid until you don't have to anymore!
I agree - I wish I was still a kid - not having to worry about money or bills!
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Sometimes I stare at my cat and say "Why can't you get a job?!? You're so spoiled!" (kidding of course. mostly.) I hate bills. And rent. And... money in general.

I think working to get money for something you really want is a great way to get a responsible attitude towards money. I did that so I could go on a trip to Mexico with my church. I painted the pastor's entire house (inside) among other things. You'll enjoy your concert that much more. You should probably tell you mom about your plan though.
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I think I have, I have told my sister about it though, if I didnt, she tells my Mom everything, so she will hear about it, so ya, I think I told her, but I dont think she thinks I actually mean it, I say stuff like that all the time, and she may have been doing her school work, so she may not have heard me. Anyways,ya, I am asking for a babysitting job, I think that would work!
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