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old cat

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I am going home for the summer and living with my parents. Right now they have a male silver tabby who has turned one of the guest bedrooms into his personal large litter box and he has been going to the bathroom various places around the house. I was hoping to work with him while I am there and try to break him of this because my dad is getting ready to kill him (not to mention my dad isn't fond of cats anyway). Cookie is probably about 7-8 years old I believe although it is very possible he is older. Any suggestions on what could be causing him to do this and how to begin stopping it? I will be bring in a new kitten while I am home but she will be limited to my room only because my house is large and she could easily get lost. He used to play with my dog before he was put to sleep a few years ago. Please help me so I can make sure he is around for many more years.
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First, I would take him to a vet to make sure there's nothing physically wrong that's causing him to not be able to use the box.

Also, I'd check where the litterbox is, and how often it's cleaned. Some cats are pretty picky about the location of the box- especially not wanting it near their food. Adding another box for him might help, too. Some cats want their box really clean- scooped daily or as soon as they've used it.

There's a reason he's not using his box... you just need to figure out if it's something physical, or something that's making the box unattractive to him.

I know I've read other threads about this, too, so you might want to look around on this forum for them. The second "sticky" thread at the top of the first page of this forum has some info that might be of help to you, too.

Good luck!
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normally he meows at the door because he likes to go to the bathroom out doors. Whenever we had a litter box for him he refused to use it. I hate letting him go outside because my dad had him declawed (even with all the protesting I did). I will try and get him to use the litter box again when I go back.
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