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Simba and Metacam

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I was hoping if someone could give me some advice.

My cat Simba has just come back from two days at the Vets after breaking his pelvis and tail and has got to have 6-8 weeks cage recovery.

Simba has also been prescribed a pain Killer called Metacam which Ive been told to give him one drop of on his food a day.

The thing I'm concerned about is that I had to sign a disclaimer for Simba to have this as the drop form of this drug is not licsenced for cats yet in the U.K, only dogs.

Could any one tell me if there cat has had Metacam drops and if so did there cat suffer any side effects?


Nick & Simba
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Metacam has been prescribed to one of my cats, yes.
He got it daily for one week.
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Hi there!
I am a veterinary technician to a 5 doctor practice. All 5 doctors I work for have used Metacam in cats. I have also used it on 3 out of the 5 kitties I have. I used it for pain management after they were declawed-it worked GREAT! Although the box says it is not licensed for cats-it is in listed several different Veterinary Journals as okay to use on cats-as long as it is ONE drop daily applied to the food once daily. I have not heard of any side effects and did not have any problems with my 3. I am sorry to hear about your kitties broken pelvis and I will send lots of healing thoughts your way.
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One of my long term fosters has Metacam for cystitis - he has 2 drops a day, and is perfectly fine on it. I know of other people who have used it with no side effects. I did'nt have to sign anything though. Poor Simba, I hope he recovers well.
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Okay here's the BAD NEWS about Metacam.

I will under NO circumstances give to my cat. Metacam can be fine for 1, 2, 3many times.

BUT sometimes (and no one can tell ahead of time which cat will suffer this or when) the healthy young / old cat develops an allergic reaction, suffers liver damage and DIES!! When had they gotten other meds, they would not have died.)

Perfectly healthy cats given Metacam can develop this and DIE. So NO NO NO. I don't care what the vet said. They didn't tell you did they? My vet did - said she wanted to make sure I *knew* what I was signing to. And you bet, once I knew I did the research.

Check on the net. In Canada it is only used intravenously and not orally. (Safer it seems) and then only for short periods not exceeding 3 days. Some vets totally will NOT use this drug for cats.

Other vets tell you about the problem. I will NOT give Metacam. Use an opiate/morphine based drug to control the pain temporarily.
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