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Not sure....

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I'm not sure if this means something but Molly is acting out. Shes chewing/tearing holes in the litter bag, chewing up the newspaper, chewing on card board boxes, i shred my papers and keep the bag in the closet and she pooped in it, she'll go to another room and meow loud (and shes a quiet cat)...She also seems more "hyper" almost spastic like behavior and bites some when you touch her. Not sure if this means something...

Do keep this in mind, January my mom moved in with me for a month because of her brain tumor. February 13th she was sent home on hospice so i go down to her house every weekend now and sometimes one day during the week. I am there during the week for the most part but sometimes i dont get home till 9 pm or so.

Any ideas?
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She's probably just bored.
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she could be bored, or its spring fever, seems alot of kitties are getting the itch,lol.
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She could be pouting about you're being gone so often now.

Also, she might have something going on with her health. Is she eating and drinking fine? Is she going in the litterbox most of the time?

Does she have plenty of toys, like balls and things she can play with when you're not home?

I would suggest being sure things that you see she's messing with are out of her environment while you're gone. For instance, our six year old daughter doesn't keep her room perfectly tidy, so we shut her bedroom door when we're gone, or we'll find MANY of her things strewn through the house when we get back from their play.
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sometimes Sandy gets grumpy if we come home too late. The othe rnight I came home late from reharsal to find a roll of paper towels rolled out like the red carpet and shredded all over the kitchen floor, with Sandy fast asleep in the middle of it all.
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