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Crab Apple?

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Is Crab Apple toxic to cats? The oil is suppose to take away rowdiness and unruliness when rubbed on anyonne acting rambunctious or ugly. You are suppose to put it on kids when they get out of hand. I was wondering if it would work on Karma when she goes into "attack and kill mom" mode and NOTHING will stop her. She will just keep lunging at me, saying no does not work, ignoring her makes it worse(she trys harder), the squirt gun doesn't phaze her, giving her a time out makes her attack more when she is let out. I don't ignore her at all, My life revolves around her, we play for hours at a time. I will just be watching tv and out of no where she attacks. I can tell she thinks its fun, for her not me.
The only time I would use it would be when that mood starts. You know kind of like taking the fight out of her before it starts.

Any other ideas on how to stop it would be great to. I love that she plays and wants me to play with her but I can't do it 24 hours a day. I just want the "I'm gonna get you" game to stop.
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KarmasMom - I don't know for sure about the safety of crabapple oil so I wouldn't use it unless my vet told me with absolute certainty that it was safe.
There are many substances that humans tolerate with no problem that can make cats very ill, or worse. Anything that is applied topically will be licked off by the cat, so I'd steer clear of it.

How old is your cat? Is she spayed? If she's very young, and unspayed, it might have something to do with her behavior. Has she been taught to "rough house"? When my Louie was a kitten, my husband would let Louie "wrestle" with his hand. Consequently, Louie began to think it was ok to bite and scratch hands (it took awhile for him to unlearn that!)

It's great that you are trying to keep your cat healthy and active, but I can understand not wanting her to attack you. Maybe if you gave some more info as to her age and spay status, some members may be able to give you suggestions.
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She's 2 1/2, spayed and was a semi-feral stray. Since I posted I have paid more attention to when she does it. It is usually right after we have been playing hide and seek or chase me, both great fun. She also does it if she can see the bottom of her food bowl, there will still be food but she can see the bottom. We really don't rough house with her, we are carful not to let her learn that. I think its her way of saying shes not done playing yet or she wants a FULL food bowl. Silly kitty.
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First things first- has your kitty been spayed? because that can cut down on a lot of cattitude problems if she hasn't yet. If she has been spayed already, i suggest keeping a spray bottle of water and mist her bottom every time she lunges towards you. that should break her of it....but definitely don't use crab apple oil on your kitty, that's just not a good idea. aside from the fact that using crab apple oil to improve someones rowdiness is nothing but an old wifes tale-you could upset her stomach with it-remember , kitties are carnivores and you don't want to use things on them that haven't been approved by veterinarians. the only way to stop your cats bad behavior is to spend time working with her on it- and that shouldn't be a problem since you seem like such a great mommy to her- i'm sure reinforcing some good techniques with her will calm her down in no time...i really recommend reading "Cats for Dummies"- even though i've had quite a few cats and over 100 foster kittens...i still use it as an occassional reference...there is a great section in there on discipline and behavior issues with some wonderful suggestions. I would also familarize myself with the different body languages of cats- that way you can tell what kind of mood she is and you can avoid aggervating her mood is she doesn't want to be handled or played with.I would check your local libary and see what you find. But definitely try the water bottle- works like a charm on all of my kitties when i catch them doing someting naughty. Good luck and have a good day.If there's anything else you need, feel free to drop a line
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