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I need major prayers and vibes for Archie...

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I don't think he's going to make it. You may have read my saga about my foster family (under urgent: kitty diarrhea). Well the virus seems to have taken it's toll on each of the kittens, and none moreso then little archie now. He has both diarrhea and vomiting. The rescue director took him in for sub-q fluids yesterday and he sort of perked up, but last night he took a major dive. I've been trying desparately to get fluids into him and to keep him going, but i don't know what else to do. The rescue director is calling the vet again and he'll probably go in again. I just don't know how long to drag this suffering on. He's in so much pain. Poor mamma can't even comfort him very well as she's still trying to get over the calici virus that had her mouth swollen open for 48 hours. To make it worse i'm stuck here at work wishing i could be there holding him.
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Praying for Archie and the other kittens here. Im so sorry that its such a difficult time for you, the kittens and mum cat.
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Little Archie is in my prayers.
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Sorry to read about your situation. It must be so difficult on you and the kitties. Good vibes to you, Archie, and the rest of your feline brood. I hope all will be better soon.
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Archie is at the vets. They did a blood test and found that he still had white cells registering so they decided to give him a chance to fight this infection. He's on IV fluids and antibiotics and they are giving him some time (24-48 hours) to turn around. If there's no improvement then they are going to stop his suffering. My heart is breaking...he was so strong only a week ago when the rest of his family was sick.

Thank you for your prayers....I don't want to lose the little guy.
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Poor little Archie! You may be surprised at what a difference those IV fluids can make. He certainly has a chance, now, where without the fluids he did not...if he could not keep anything down. The extra time he had to grow before catching the illness may help him recover. However, realistically, he is in very grave condition. But when I look at his cute little face....oh how I hope and pray he is able to fight off this infection!

Hang in there, Renny!
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What a sweet little guy! He looks so precious

Hopefully the IV helps him...When we thought we were going to lose Trout, they put her on IV for 2 days, and it completely turned her around and she was back to her old self when she came home! It was a similar situation for us..basically, if the IV didn't help her, we would have had to put her down. Thankfully it helped her ALOT. After all of it, they didn't even know what was wrong with her in the first place.
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You have my prayers for you and Archie. I know how run down you must feel right now. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I hope that you are hanging in there, and resting when you can, and have a friend to go to for support. Having a sick kitten or losing one, can be very draining both physically and emotionally. I know you have put everything you have into the health of these babies. I pray that Archie makes a quick recovery and is bouncing and pouncing again very soon.
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I will say prayers and fingers drossed for poor archie.
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Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words. Knowing how much of a fighter Archie was gives me some hope. His poor momma kept crying throughout the night...looking for her little boy i guess. I desparately hope i can bring him back to her.

Thank you all so much...you don't know how much it means to me to have this support.
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poor baby, i really hope he can pull through!
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