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Stages of labor

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Hi all! I went to the vet today with Tabitha and she laughed at me (in a friendly laugh)and said that she was fine. She is in the first stage of labor as of now. Whatever that means! I love my vet, but sometimes I wish she would inform me on more. I think I need to go to the doctor and get some valium for my nerves.

I have searched and searched all over the net and can only find brief descriptions of this process. I find it funny how dogs have oodles of sites on the birthing process and cats don't. Ok, enough griping.

How long does the first stages of labor last? Anyone know? She is just purrring away and being lazy and continuously cleaning herself. I wish it was that easy when I had mine.

I have my camera ready!

Thanks you all! Tonya (from downunder)
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Girl, it could be HOURS!!! Some cats start the first stage and wait another 24 hours before they decide it might be time. You will know when she starts getting up, laying down, getting up laying down. Then when it's time, you will see her little tummy muscles contracting. Once the first one comes along, she will clean the kitty up and probably take a 20 minute break. All cats are different and if you can, just stay with her for moral support.
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I envy you, Mcbecca! I would love to watch the new babies being born!
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Did you have your kittens yet? We're anxious!
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