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Shhhhh! Brody is sleeping

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I just took a couple of pics of Brody sleeping in his bed. The quality isn't that great because I used my phone, but he is still a cutie

Oh, and please don't look at his private parts.. He would kill me for posting them

And now he is awake

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Look how cute he is!
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LOL I made sure to cover my eyes. He is a cute baby..
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I wish I could record him snoring for you guys, he is doing it now. It is so loud! I didn't know such a little guy could make such a loud noise!
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He's adorable!
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Omg he's just too cute.
What mix do you figure he is?
I'm seeing Boston/Pug or Boston/Corgi, can't tell, definitely some Boston there though.

You are both lucky to have found each other.
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I was told by the vet that he is a Bullnese. The breed was developed back in 1989 by a guy here locally and is a cross between a French Bulldog and a Pekinese.
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Ok, I can see the Frenchy in that face, he's definitely a cuties, but then, I like all of the bully breeds.
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ohmy Tanya - just look at him he is SOOOO ADORABLE

I wanna grab him and hug him and squeeze him and I wanna hear that snore

thankyou thankyou for sharing these with us!!
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Aaawww, Brody! I never knew a puppy could be so cute!
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Wow, what a sweety!! He is adorable
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Aww he is so cute ...
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No wonder he turned you into a Brody Lover. He's a sweetie-pup!
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Tanya i don't know why but for some reason i thought Brody was a Staffy?!.

He's gorgeous!!!
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what a good looking boy

how's he been doing this week?
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Originally Posted by chichismom
what a good looking boy

how's he been doing this week?
He has been doing good. He received his Heartguard pill on Monday. He did vomit a bit on Wednesday morning and I got worried he was going to be sick like he had been in previous months. But after that he was fine and hasn't been sick since. Thank goodness! He also hasn't lost any energy like he normally does, so that is good news as well

Also, we have now gone 3 days without "accidents" in the house. Hopefully he just had a short relapse last week and is over it

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on what a cutie I have
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Thats wonderful!!! what a good boy
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Originally Posted by valanhb
No wonder he turned you into a Brody Lover. He's a sweetie-pup!
he is adorable!
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I don't want to sound like a dink but is he still intact? Could that be why he's going in the house? I know that sounds really dumb cuz I'm sure you've thought of that if he is vet tech side coming out again.... Sorry, I tried not to look but it was right there!
Oh, and he is a beautiful dog, I knew I saw Frenchy in him, I just love those dogs!
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Brody is so cute - I'd take him in a minute! He really seems to like that bed!
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He doesn't really like that bed Tricia He just "settles" with it because I don't let him in mine often. I used to, but he chases Dori out and she has slept with me for over 3 years now

Brody is still intact. I have to wait for the heartworm treatment to have him fixed. It isn't safe for him to go under anesthesia right now. He did so well for so long that I thought he knew better. It has actually been a week now since he has had any problems
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I figured he had to wait until after his treatment is complete. I'm glad you're getting him neutered. Pedro was neutered late by his old owners and he marks still sometimes. Well I hope things continue to stay "dry." He's a gorgeous dog!!!
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Now I'm TRYING not to look at his privates Squirt! Very cute!
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OMG I haven't seen Brody in months. He's so handsome!
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