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Nest box question

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We are going to make a nest box with taller sides to transition the kittens into in a few days (with a lower area for mom to come and go from), and I was wondering what you experienced ones could tell me about the height of the sides. How high should they be to corral the kittens? Even at less than 12 hours old, these babies are crawling around the box. (pulling themselves along) I don't want them escaping when they get a little bigger! They are confined to a single room, but I still worry. Any advice you have would be great. Hubby brought a box home from work that is a good size on bottom, but too tall (approx 3 feet), so he's going to cut some off the top.

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Right now they wont be going anywhere. In a few weeks after the eyes open they will be. If it is a box I would figure in that mom has to jump out. She just gave birth she is not going to want to jump a fence.
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I have my mom and kits in a platic tote with blankets on the bottom. Mom dosent seem to mind getting in and out and the kittens cant even see much less jump When they get bigger they are going to overrun the house, but we are ready for that
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my box is also a tot. But a 2 or 3 ft box is much for a mommy cat to keep jumping. Even a 1 foot right now is big. The baby's will be fine right now. Bur when they get older LOL.
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My nest kittens' next is a like a puppy crate with opening at all sides which the kittens could, if they wanted to, get out of. I covered the crate with an opened-up sleeping bag which acts as a wall to block up the exit holes on 3 sides, but the front is incovered.

Its taken 20 days for them to want to poke their heads out of the nest, even though they move about like crazy inside the nest. So if yours are anything like mine, they wont be escaping anywhere for a while yet.
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thanks, everyone for the reassurance! LOL I just imagined that there would be little blind kitties scooting across the floor everywhere! Right now, the box they are in has side about5-6 inches, and mama just steps out. I'll keep watch!

thank you!
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