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We lost one

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We lost one of our babies yesterday afternoon. She was the smallest of the four. We found the mother laying on her, don't know if she smothered, or if there was just something wrong that we didn't know about. The other 3 seem to be doing really well, so we are just going to keep our fingers crossed. I don't know if I could handle losing another, yesterday just about broke my heart.
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Sorry to hear about your loss Sunshine. Who old was she? RIP little one.
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Sunshine - I'm so sorry! *hugs* That happened with my feral's litter too -
the littlest and runt was smothered by Mom.

Vet said that it was nature taking its course - I bawled.

I have another one (runty) that I'm nursing along - giving extra special care to. I feed him when I can get him away from Mom to supplement his diet, and as soon as he's able to eat/wean
I am sure he'll catch up nicely.

Good luck with the other 3 babies - they are so cute and grow sooo fast!
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Huggs, i lost two that way this week, its really sad. and hard. I hope everything is allright with the other 3
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RIP Little one.
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that is very SAD
I hope you are doing okay and the others are staying healthy.

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They were born on Easter night, so she was about 3 days old. The other three seem to be doing well. All are gaining weight and eating well. They all seem very healthy, so I'm holding out hope.
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