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What would you do???

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I called a lady this morning who knows me from where I used to work and told her about my new line of business. She asked me what my hourly rate is and she said that she usually pays people who do weeding/pruning (which is part of my services) less that half of what I am asking. Its not like I was asking to work for her but I guess I was a bit taken back at this. If I did make some sort of arrangements to do this type of work for her I guess I could take a bit less just to be working and earning some money however I have expenses also and if I accept what she said-frankly it wouldn't be worth my time for covering my expenses. The sad thing is this lady knows my background and they are multi-millionaires!!!
She asked me to email her further details so I was going to state again what I do, stress my background and quality and try to negotiate a better fee?? I could also accept less if it was on a "cash basis" too. I knew people in the midwest are cheap but I can see where someone would also hire um lets say a person who might not be working legally in this country. maybe I have to have a different price structure for residential vs commercial clients I don't know. The small business classes I took stressed not setting price low as to devalue your worth in the marketplace.
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As someone who also has a high hourly rate, state your rate and take it from there! If she wants to pay someone less, she'll get less of a job! (IMO)

As you say, you have your expenses and you set your rate to what you can work with (and allow for profit)

Just think of it this way, Gail, if you were working for her, for less, you may have to turn down a job that is willing to pay your hourly rate! Or others may find out that she's getting a bargain and expect the same!

It's your business and on your terms, your friend should understand this!!
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I completely agree with Sarah. Someone with a lower rate may also not have the equipment you have and take longer to do the job!
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I would try to comprimise only if your trying to build up your name in this new line of work.... but she would have to come up closer to what you would charge normally.... OH AND SOME FOLKS ARE JUST CHEAP
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If you're starting your own business, stay firm with the rates, otherwise you'll wind up charging so many people different rates that'll you may confuse them all!

Negotiate with her maybe an introductory price, Buy two get one free or something like that (25% off your first weeding). Then once she sees the quality work you do she may just pay the higher price in the end.
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I would put my foot down. You have to make enough to live on and pay your expenses. If she isn't willing to pay it then she can find some little boy who is mowing lawns for the summer to so a crap job.
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