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Well, it was a good day after all!

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Today was heading towards being a very stressful day. I had an exam this morning at 9am for my hardest class. I wasn't sure I was completely ready for it. Plus, I knew that after the exam we would get our research assignments back. I was really stressed about finding out how I did on that.

I've been up since 6am, stressing out. I wrote the exam, it went fine... Still, for the life of me, I can't remember what the Eisenhower Doctrine was. Good thing I was able to skip that question.

I finished writting the exam, got my essay back (had an 81% on it... I was hoping for an 80 so that's good!)

Then... while I was standing there putting my things back in my backpack, guess who comes out of the exam room.... that guy I've had a crush on for weeks. And he actually asked me out for coffee to talk about our exams
We did end up talking mostly about school stuff but it was nice to finally have a long conversation. Too bad he had something else to do or we'd probably still be talking (at least if it was up to me ).

So there's what I look like right now:
It might make it hard to go back to focusing on school work for now.
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Ohh i have been eager to know about your crush!
Did you get his number??
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no... not yet. We have another exam together on Monday so I'll see him again then.

I really don't want to have to go the whole summer without seeing him. First of all, I'd miss him, but mostly I could not stand not knowing where this relationship is heading and having to wait for months to find out.

With some luck, he'll ask me for my number... if not, I might have to work up the courage myself. Not sure if I can!
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just do it i mean what can you loose hun?
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That's great!
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Yeah, I'm starting to think I might be able to work up the courage to give him my phone number. I mean, he's already shown interest in talking to me outside of class, so I can just tell him that if he's ever bored during the summer, he can always call me and we can go out for coffee or something.

That shouldn't freak him out if he only wants friendship... right?

I'm so bad at this. I'm not good at reading people's cues and figuring out how to show interest without embarassing myself.
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