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two siamese.

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Do siamese cats get along with each other. I have two siamese cats. Brother and Sister. 3 y/o I just got her brother two months ago and everytime they see each other. grrrroooowwwlll!!! or hissss.

Is this normal siamese cat behavior?? I have 3 other cats than the siamese. My siamese aren't full siamese they are Lynx-point siamese. part Lynx. I have the 2 lynx point siamese. 2 boy tabbies one orange one part mainecoon. and then a female tortiseshell.
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Tell you what. I am going to put this in the behaviour forum where some knowledgeable folks will see it and give you an answer....
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Well, first the Lynx point is just a color, are you sure they aren't just siamese?
When you brought the brother home, did you take the time to slowly introduce them or did you just put them together right away? Most cats need a little time to adjust to the new smells and the new addition before having contact. The next thing is if they are both altered? If not, it could be a hormonal issue. A little bit af background info would help to answer your question.
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I will be interested in this thread since I have a baby girl Siamese - 7.5 months and will be wanting to get another cat at some point. I have considered getting a boy siamese from the same family - or maybe better to get another kind of cat.

As much as I love my kitty's distinct "personality" she is not a cuddly lap cat, so my second cat may be a more mellow breed. So, any ideas about adding new cats will be interesting.
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Put the newcomer in a quiet and secluded room. Give the new kitty plenty of food and water, a litter box, and a cardboard box or something that it can hide in if it feels threatened. Take an old blanket, towel or rags and give them to new kitty to sleep on. To encourage kitty to sleep there, lightly spray or dust the bedding with catnip. Once kitty has slept on the bedding for a few days, take the soiled bedding out, and before you wash it, give it to your resident cat to investigate. Take resident kitty's bedding and give it to new kitty (this way they can get used to each others smells)

Feed the cats close, between a closed door at the same time, so they can smell each other from under the crack in the door. Also, take an old sweatshirt that you don't care much about, put it on right next to your skin and do a workout like none before, until you have saturated this with your sweat, give this shirt to the new kitty.

If new kitty is anxious, turn off the harsh lights in the room and resort to night lights instead. Play classical music for the new kitty, it calms them immmensely. Set aside a time where you do interactive play with the new kitty so it can get used to you as well.

When you do finally put the two together, be sure you put resident kitty's food bowl down before the other, pet the resident kitty before you do the new one, to keep the alpha kitty in balance and cut down any spats that might occur. Clip both kittie's claws so if they do fight, they won't inflict that much damage. Good luck!
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Lots of good ideas Hissy, but I live in a small house and don't have so many separate areas that are kitty proof. As it is, I need to shut resident kitty in back porch often and at night cuz she otherwise inflicts great damage on my house! I don't really have another separate area that is cat proof (maybe the bathroom?)

Anyway, I'm not getting another cat real soon (unless I unexpectedly fall in love with one), so will check back when the event is imminent. I will then know if Sumalee (resident Siamese) is going to settle down a bit.
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I just got a new kitty to keep my resident kitty company and have someone to play with. They are litter mates and I'm slowly trying to introduce each other again. I'm hoping because they are still young (10 months old) and very playful, they'll take to each other. I live in a small apartment, and currently keep the new kitty in my computer room, and let him out when I'm at home so that both kitties can play with each other. So far, there hasn't been any real aggression, just little hissing from the new kitty. How do I tell the difference between play fighting and a problem arising when the two cats are together? I've never had cats before and got the resident cat about a month ago....How much time does the new kitty need to settle? and should I be really worried at this point in time?
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I also have two Siamese--two females, almost three months old. Since they are littermates, they don't fight--yet. I have the problem of getting them to accept my 2 y/o male Golden retriever. I followed Hissy's advice about the bedding exchange, etc. The kittens will even play in his bedtime crate in the bedroom---minus the rtriever---but won't venture down the stairs yet unless he is gone. Puppies seem to adjust to change more readily than kittens, it seems. Would imagine it would be easier for cats to make friends than for a cat and a dog...patience, I guess. ?Gatsbycat
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