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Mothers Day

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Mothers Day will be here before I know it - and I want to do something really special for my mom this year - but I really don't have a clue as to what to do!

What will you be doing for your mom on Mothers Day?

I need some ideas!
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My Mom loves to garden, so I usually buy here a new rosebush or two, or a birdbath or something like that. I try to buy mothers day gifts that are girly, plenty of times for the non-girly gifts
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My mom loves to shop, so I usually buy her a gift card for one of her favorite stores. Then we go on a mom/daughter shopping trip and out to lunch afterward.
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maybe I'll get my Mom a sweatshirt that says "World's Greatest Grandma" or something like that since it'll be her first time being one.
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Originally Posted by chichismom
My Mom loves to garden, so I usually buy here a new rosebush or two, or a birdbath or something like that. I try to buy mothers day gifts that are girly, plenty of times for the non-girly gifts
Thats a good idea, she really likes those big overflowing hanging plants, maybe I get her one of those... I think they are so pretty!

I just want to do something super special this year.... I'm super stumped, I know you guys will all have awesome ideas that will help me out!
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Cascading plants they have a new kind out: cascading petunias they are really pretty! Very hardy too
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I get my mother a few big hanging plants every year.
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I used to get my mom a hanging plant until she went in the nursing home. Now seeing as she cannot do it and she always had put the flowers on my dad's grave I took that over and put a nice planter on every year. It makes her feel so much better knowing that it is taken care of. Oh, and of course I visit her on that special day for sure and a card as usual!
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I thikn i will just get her flowers
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Well let's see since Jason signed us up to work the car show on mothers day I can't do much. Although I never really see my mom, but maybe we'll get Jays mom flowers and a nice card.
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I have no idea what to get my mom. SHe is a plantaholic so maybe a nice plany is a good idea. I gave her really pretty plants when she was sick last year but she has killed them and thrown them away!
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I usually go into the nursery in town & tell them that I need something for my mom. They know our entire family. They usually know what mom wants better, too. lol I think we actually have a gift vertificate for a few plum tree at that nursery...maybe I'll get her that!

I an not really that insensitive. Last year, I got her a gift from all of us kids as two of the four of us couldn't get home. I got a bouquet of differnt colored roses, one of her favorite flowers mixed in, a set of stepping stones for her garden...and of course, a kitty statue for her garden!

Hey Mack! Maybe you could get her a kitty! lol
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Originally Posted by white cat lover

Hey Mack! Maybe you could get her a kitty! lol

My family is a dog family - they have a chocolate lab and a little mutt - no room for kitties there!

Plus, all my family is allergic to cats!
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Then maybe you'll have to get them a dog!

I just thought of another thing. I could make a donation to the humane society in mom's name & get her a little card saying this is what I did. She would love that.
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What about a massage/facial somewhere? What would be even better is if you could afford to do it for you and her together. Me and my sis got my mom a spa day like that last year for Mothers Day and she absolutely loved it. Good luck finding something good!
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My sisters and I normally join together to get her something nice, like a designer purse or a flower arangement.

I dont know about this year, though. You can only give someone flowers so many years. I'll have to think so more.
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Its been mothers day here already and in the Arab world. I sent some flowers to Dubai for my Grandma and my Mom. During the English mothers day I sent flowers to my future MIL and my fiance grandmas.
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I've got one of those practical moms who complains about anything that she gets...'why waste your money on these flowers, they're just gonna die' would be a typical 'thank you' from mom! but once in awhile I really out do myself and get her to smile. This year I'm sure to be her favourite!lol She had this lamp that has a wooden base and the lamp post is off to one side with a cylindrical glass dome on the base with a flower and real butterfly arrangement under it. Not to long ago she dropped it and the displayed items broke but miraculously the glass cover did not. So I told her I would fix it for her with these horrific cheesy fake butterflies I got at the dollar store...She seemed game and gave me the lamp...but what I'm really going to do is have the lamp professionally done with real butterflies and dried plants. I can't wait to see her reaction this year!

One thing that is nice to do for mothers day is to just pamper mom a little extra, help her with her chores and cook a nice dinner for her and the family, let her kick her feet up and relax on this special day.
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I'll probably get mine a gift cetificate for a salon to have her nails done, or else a body wrap, she likes those. Hmmm. She also has always wanted to go to a wine and cheese tasting, maybe I'll look into that too.....
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Plants always work. I know that my mom loves them. I am going to let her choose what she wants to do and tell her the whole day is hers.
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My sister and I bought mom a ticket to fly out to Tucson and see her Uncle. It was in March, but it was "early". I'll probably send her a card though, on the actual day.
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