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Weaning worries!!

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What is the most early that you can start weaning kittens and what should you start them on??? any answers more than welcome.
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I would try soft at 5 weeks, but the babies should still nurse. I would let till 12 weeks. I think the bonding from the mom is needed.
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If you keep mom's food around, you will notice that the babies will eventually start being interested in it. 5 weeks is a good time. Some start earlier and some later. I mixed the dry food in with some wet food and fed 3 times a day, but the problem is that you waste a lot if they don't eat it all. So just pick up on their cues. Another thing - once they start eating food, momma will stop cleaning them up, so you have to provide a litter tray as well, and some supervision to make sure they know what to do.
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